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Seeking a good home for sweet Corgi mix


UPDATE: We surrendered Stubbs to Orange County Animal Services on Saturday, July 13th. He will likely become available to adopt between July 15th and 17th (Monday through Wednesday). If he is available to adopt, he will be listed on their website. They are catching him up on all of his vaccinations, and he'll be subject to their adoption fees. 


Hi all,

With respect to this first sentence arguably being me oversharing because I'm upset: My ex-wife has unfortunately abandoned her Corgi mix at my house, and has left the emotional labor of safely rehoming him with me. My partner and I already have two other dogs, and cannot afford the long-term care of a third regardless of how sweet he is. I'm seeking a healthy furever home for him with faculty or staff. I am not open to re-homing him with a current student as there's no guarantee he could permanently stay with you if you have to move once you graduate. As stated in the title, I am not seeking rehoming fees for Stubbs. If you read through this and would like him to be a part of your family, that is enough for me. I'll even provide several items for free, which I've outlined at the end. 

I've done my best to write up all the positives and challenges with Stubbs so you'll have a head start with him (I figure these are the things you usually have to learn on your own when a dog is adopted with little context from a group or organization). I'm also happy to answer any follow-up questions. 

Stubbs was originally adopted from the Burlington Animal Shelter in 2014. Right now he's about 8. He's had no major health issues or problems, and is still a healthy mix of energetic pup ready for a multi-mile walk, and a sleepy couch potato. 

Stubbs enjoys herding and playing with other dogs, curling up on the couch, and chewing on durable bones and antlers. He’ll chase a thrown ball, but hasn’t mastered bringing it back. He will play tug-of-war with you and a rope toy, as long as he gets to win sometimes. He does an excellent job of alerting homeowners to pending attacks from UPS delivery people. He’s protective of his owners, and barks at unfamiliar dogs that are bigger than him. He loves meeting new people, especially if they’ll pet him. Stubbs loves falling asleep curled up by your feet each night. He’s house trained, and will even ring a bell with his nose to let you know when he has to go out. I honestly cannot recall the last time he had an accident in the house or car.

He does not enjoy people or unfamiliar dogs putting their face near his. He would do best in a house with at least one other pet or someone who is home more frequently. He was abandoned before he joined my family and subsequently suffers from separation anxiety without a buddy. Those last two sentences are the most important part of this whole ad. Even the presence of a single other dog is enough to assure him he's not alone (even if that dog is uncrated while he is). Basically he's a total sweetheart who needs a friend, human or otherwise. We’ve had to be diligent about locking up the garbage can to keep him from unleashing his inner raccoon, but being food-motivated made his training much easier. Stubbs is very eager to please, especially for treats that are very stinky. If you’re short on treats, he’s a huge fan of ice cubes.

Stubbs is the smartest dog I’ve ever met, and will find and root out any dog treats or spare food that has been left in bags on the floor. This means we typically crate him with a bone of some kind when we leave. This also means he very much enjoys channeling this energy into challenging toys, especially ones where he has to solve a puzzle or manipulate the toy in a certain way to get food or a treat (the KONG classics and Wobbler are good examples). He will figuratively play with those toys for hours. He’s in need of updates on several boosters (which I will provide), and was heartworm negative at his last vet appointment.

Again, I've done my best to share everything (both positive and negative) you'd typically have to learn on your own after adopting a new furry family member from a shelter or organization. There is no rehoming fee, I simply want to find him a good place to live. Aside from Stubbs I will also provide:

  • Two challenging toys he enjoys
  • A rawhide bone
  • His kennel
  • A food dish
  • The door-hanging jingle bells he'll ring with his nose when he has to use the bathroom
  • Enough starter food for you to either continue or transition him to something else

If you are interested in Stubbs joining your family, please email me at mvaughn3@elon.edu. 

7/8/2019 8:20 AM