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  1. In My Words: Forgetting lynching at our peril

    Professor Rebecca Todd Peters recently published a column on the Huffington Post and in regional newspapers about the complexity of teaching her young daughters about the history of racism in the United States and the concept of privilege.

  2. In My Words: The 'Friendship Nine' show that history keeps evolving

    Kenn Gaither, an associate professor and associate dean in the School of Communications, writes in regional newspapers about his experience growing up the son of a civil rights activist and what a recent South Carolina courtroom decision says about today's struggles for social justice.

  3. In My Words: 'Empire' and the Lyons are the new modern family

    FOX's "Empire," one of 2015's most popular new television programs, is setting Hollywood records for audience growth, and Associate Professor Naeemah Clark writes in a column for regional newspapers about some of the reasons behind its success.

  4. In My Words: Teaching my dad a lesson

    Associate Professor Naeemah Clark authored a newspaper column that reflects on the relationship she shares with her father and her recent efforts to teach him social media best practices.

  5. In My Words: Boy, time flies

    After his only child moved away this fall to college, Associate Professor Thomas Nelson writes in regional newspapers about the passage of time and how life fulfillment must now come from new sources.

  6. In My Words: U.S. has moral imperative to help children at the border

    Elon University professors Mathew Gendle and Carmen Monico co-authored a newspaper guest column in which they argue U.S. actions played a role in the nation's southern border crisis and that all citizens have an obligation to aid children fleeing their homes in Central America.

  7. In My Words: America must midwife an independent Palestine

    Professor Tom Arcaro writes for regional newspapers about the need for the United States to take a leadership role in the creation of a Palestinian state, which he argues will promote regional stability and make America more secure.

  8. In My Words: The numbers on mental health

    Following the suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams, Assistant Professor Jason Husser examines survey data on American attitudes toward mental health and calls for more efforts to be made to remove the stigma of depression.

  9. In My Words: Science, religion and emergence of human life

    Professor Pranab Das writes in regional newspapers about the missed opportunity for reasoned debates and conversations on the nature of human life in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision on Hobby Lobby, insurance and birth control.

  10. In My Words: Dreaming of rainbows but cashing bad checks

    Associate Professor Prudence Layne authored a newspaper guest column for the MLK Jr. holiday in which she reflects on the shared legacies of the slain American civil rights leader and his counterpart in South Africa, the late Nelson Mandela.

  11. In My Words: Real women of the hair salon

    Associate Professor Naeemah Clark in the School of Communications writes in a newspaper opinion column how several "reality" television programs don't accurately portray the roles African-American women play in their communities.

  12. In My Words: In defense of 'Invisible Man'

    When a North Carolina school system temporarily pulled "Invisible Man" from its libraries,  Associate Professor Anthony Hatcher turned to newspaper opinion pages to explain why such bans are misguided.

  13. In My Words: A strike to end the war in Syria

    With relatives in Syria and steeped in its history, Assistant Professor Haya Ajjan writes in a newspaper guest column about the need for U.S. military involvement to end a brutal civil war while putting a stop to the use of chemical weapons in her home country.