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Pelvic Health - UNC Hospital Rehab Services

 We are currently looking for experienced pelvic health physical therapists to join our team at The Center for Rehabilitation Care in Chapel Hill, NC.  

The UNC Pelvic Health Program services a variety of gastroenterology, urology, uro/gynecology, obstetric, oncology, and pediatric patient diagnoses and has close working relationships with referring providers. We are looking for applicants with excellent time management, communication, and organizational skills to excel in this fast paced environment.

Applicants with previous experience are preferred, including but not limited to, student clinical affiliations, continuing education course with lab component, or residency. The candidate will work closely with our experienced group of physical therapists as part of our outpatient team to provide advanced and individualized patient care.

Please find link to application here. or copy this link into your URL:

Please share this information and my contact information with any therapists you think may be interested in joining our team.


Tricia Agnoli, PT, MS, NCS| Assistant Director

Rehabilitation Therapies
UNC Hospital
Center for Rehabilitation Care
1807 N. Fordham Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(984) 974-9701




Angie Reid,
2/6/2018 4:10 PM