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Female Subletter Needed for Summer '13


I am looking for a girl to sublet my room for this summer. I currently live in a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house on Westover Drive (just behind Woodale) with a senior boy and a recently graduated girl. I will be interning in Raleigh for the summer, so it would be wonderful to find someone. The house has two full-sized livingrooms, full kitchen, laundry room, dining room, front and back yard, carport, and front porch. My roommates are fantastic, so I am looking for someone who is easy to live with, laidback, and relatively organized / cleanly. 

Rent : $400 per month

Utilities : $70-$90 per month (fluctuates) 

I will be leaving everything (minus clothing etc) in my room as I will be returning at the end of August to continue my lease for next year. The room includes : 

Bed (Full) - white frame with white metal headboard, boxspring, mattress, sheets, douvet, four standard size pillows, two throw pillows, and a large monogrammed pillow. 

Side Table - white side table with one drawer and a shelf (matches desk) 

Desk - white, wooden desk with one drawer, and matching chair

Lamp - freestanding, dual, adjustable lamp

Closet - spacious closet with black shelving unit (movable) 

Mirror - floorlength mirror 

Drapes - navy curtains 

***** there is a cat that will be here all summer *****

Lindsay Glosson ,
5/2/2013 3:25 PM