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Subletter needed fall 2014 - Very cheap/super close/nice apartment

Hey y'all! Need a subletter to fill my vacant apartment slot (male or female) in Atkinson Apartments for the fall 2014. The apartments are located right across the traintracks (I can see Lindner from my bedroom window). They're about a 5-7 minute walk to anywhere on campus. Oh, and not to mention rent is dirt cheap: $300 per month. Don't get me wrong though, the price isn't reflective of a bad apartment. They're very large, clean, and the single bedroom is huge — bigger than any dorm room or Oaks bedroom. Also, you would only have one other roomate. The reason these places dont fill up is because nobody knows about them. They've been off the market the past couple years for remodeling. 

If you're interested let me know! Email dbowen@elon.edu.



4/16/2014 2:00 PM