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Opening in Oaks Apartment Year-Round

My roommates and I registered for housing and were placed in Oaks D 210, an apartment for four people with two doubles. Shortly after being assigned the apartment, one of my roommates found an off-campus house that we opted to live in instead. Apparently, Res Life won't take people off the Wait List because they want us to "show some effort" to find new people to live in the place for next year. This whole process has been hugely annoying and we're just trying to find 4 peeps that'll take over the lease and go crazy in the place next year now that it's open. This is pretty much no strings attached, just need four people that want to live in the Oaks next year instead of somewhere else on campus that is wiggity whack. Contact me if you're interested or whatever.

5/1/2014 4:50 PM