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 For sale: Queen bed, TV/stand set, coffee table, couch and dresser

**Feel free to email me regarding any of the following items. Prices/ Pick-up times negotiable.**

QUEEN SIZE BED, BOX SPRING & FRAME SET ($100 or best offer)
-Bought two years ago, retail value $350, clean and well-kept in nearly-new condition.
-Comes with a bed frame that lifts the mattress and box spring about 8" off of the floor: Enough room to store anything that you want out of the way, and a good way to reduce clutter!

27" TV AND STAND SET ($50 Two-Item Deal)
TV ($30 if sold separately)
-Entertainment Stand ($30 if sold separately)
-This Insignia TV is the perfect size to be a focal point of any living room, and cheap enough that it wouldn't be a big deal if it became a casualty of any drunken mishaps. The picture is as perfectly clear and the volume works just as well. Comes with a working remote!
-The entertainment stand consists of six compartments, two of which are enclosed with a glass door to keep items safe from dust, liquid, or pets. This is the perfect case to hold a CD/ movie collection, video game consoles, or anything else you want off the floor and out of your way.
-Two-item set for $50!
PLUS! I'll throw in a free cable cord and splitter (a $15 value)




-Built by yours truly two years ago for about $60 and has been sturdy enough to hold anything, from a pile of text books to four people who need a place to sit, since day one. It's pale yellow top and light blue body makes it the perfect addition to any living space or beach-themed room. 
-Dimensions (L x W x H): (3'6" x 2'6" x 1'6")  The perfect size to sit in between your couch and sofa!

-Made from microsuede, this two/three person couch ($85) is super soft, fluffy, and so comfortable for lounging or napping in front of the television. Makes a great addition to any living room, or small enough to put in a bedroom for an extra comfy lounging option. Clean and in near-new condition, this loveseat has not been exposed to pet dander or much dust, so it shouldn't cause problems for someone with allergies. Easily rotated by one person, or lifted by two people.
-Wood dresser ($30) with beautiful acrylic detailing is perfect for someone looking for furniture accented with soft colors. Includes three tiers, each with a height of about 10". The picture below only shows a fraction of what I've been able to comfortable fit on each tier. Very sturdy, yet lightweight and easily carried by one person. Opens and closes easily on a hinge and is kept shut by a magnet on each door that attracts another magnet placed just below the dresser's top surface.
-Dimensions (L x W x H): (2'6" x 1' x 3')
5/7/2014 2:30 PM