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‚ÄčSelling a beautuful wood bar in great condition. Bar has been rumored to bring good fortune from all who own it... built in 2003, blessed by clergy & shaman. This gem of a party trick can be yours for only $450.

Futuristic bar stools from the set of "Star Wars"(rumored) $50 each

Stainless Steel Metal coffee Table, Metal end table as a pair $100

Selling brown genuine leather organic sofa. (gluten free) The cows in which the leather was made were in a field with Mozart playing the entire time of their life. This two seat sofa could be yours for $200.

Selling red "leather" or "pleather" 3-seat sofa for only $200. Perfect for a grown man or woman to take a nap. Only 2 years old.

Small round side tables, adjust for hieght. Gift of the queen of Zamunda. $50 for the pair.





Jason McMerty,
6/15/2014 1:55 PM