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  1. Department of Performing Arts presents 'Moment'

    Department of Performing Arts presents Deirdre Kinahan's play, "Moment," directed by Kim Shively.  Performances at Roberts Theatre, Scott Studios at Arts West, Jan. 19 through 22 and Jan. 30 through Feb. 3

    Elon in South Africa: A cup of tea sparks a movement

    A group of students participating in the Winter Term program The Call of South Africa tell the story of Original T-Bag Designs, an effort to use recycled materials to create art and boost employment in the country.

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    2. President-elect Connie Ledoux Book receives MLK Jr. Humanitarian Award
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    4. Clark presents on teaching of abstract algebra at Joint Mathematics Meetings
    5. Elon University's 2018-19 budget and costs
    6. The Conversation: Signaling more independence from US, the World Bank phases out support for fossil fuels
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