2014-2015 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

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General Asian Studies courses:

ARH 212: Arts and History III: Revolt, Reform, Critique

ART 320: Issues in Contemporary Art

COR 333: Religion and Art of Asia

COR 370: Interdisciplinary Zen

ENG 232: Literature of East Asia

ENG 234: Historical Asian Literature and Film

ENG 248: Asian-American Literature

ENS 310: Environmental Issues of Southeast Asia

GEO 310: Development and the Environment in Latin America, Africa and Asia

HST 320: China, Japan and the Pacific Century: Era of War and Revolution

HST 321: China: Empire and Revolution, 1800-1948

POL 363: Politics of Asia

POL 388: India, Pakistan and South Asia: Politics and International Relations

REL 201: Buddhist Traditions

REL 202: Hindu Traditions

REL 356: Chinese "Religions" from Confucius to Mao

REL 357: Sages and Samurai:Religion in the Japanese Experience

REL 358: Sites and Rites: Sacred Space and Ritual in World Religions

REL 360: Hindu Goddesses: From Myths to Movies

REL 361: Women, Religions and Ethnography

REL 362: Hindu Textual Traditions: Sacrifice, Duty and Devotion

REL 363: Women in Islam: Veneration, Veils and Voices

REL 460: Ghosts, Demons and Ancestors

REL 473: Comparative Mysticism

APS 361-69: Seminars in Asian Studies (2-4 sh)

APS 481: Internship in Asian Studies (1-4 sh)

Asian Foreign Language Courses

CHN 12: Elementary Chinese I

CHN 122: Elementary Chinese II

CHN 221: Intermediate Chinese I

CHN 222: Intermediate Chinese II


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