Why minor in Leadership Studies at Elon?

Leadership studies is a dynamic interdisciplinary field, drawing from a variety of areas, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, and business.  Moving beyond the traditional idea of leadership as simply positional or wielding power, Leadership Studies explores the idea of leadership as directed by vision, informed by values, and relational in context.

The Leadership Studies minor curriculum at Elon blends theory and practice, providing students with critical knowledge in leadership approaches and models, and the opportunity to apply that knowledge to problem-solving and change-making within the campus community and beyond.  Core and elective courses for the minor emphasize ethical thinking, self-assessment and reflective practice, team and group dynamics, communication, and decision-making.  Students completing Elon’s Leadership Studies minor are civically engaged, socially aware, and actively committed to effecting positive change in the local and global community.

The Leadership Studies minor at Elon is a robust complement to any major or career field, enhancing students’ understanding of self, others, and relational approaches to taking on the challenges of a rapidly-changing and increasingly diverse society.  Current students in the Leadership Studies minor represent majors that include Human Service Studies, Education, Biology, Communications, Business, Finance, Marketing, Outdoor Leadership, Psychology, Cinema and Television Arts, Statistics, Biochemistry, Economics, and more!

Questions?  Reach out to the Leadership Minor Coordinator, Deidre Yancey.