The Leadership Studies minor is based on the concept that underlies the Elon Experiences and is at the heart of an Elon education: active and engaged learning. The study of leadership must be an effective marriage of content and process; this minor is designed to provide both. It is built on the strength and expertise of Elon’s faculty and is designed to expose students to theories and practices of leadership across disciplinary boundaries, shape their definition of leadership so that they understand it occurs at the interchange of vision and action, teach them the importance of vision being informed by values, provide them with practical skills in the art of working with people and encourage in them an understanding of leadership as a focus of academic inquiry and research.

While it takes  advantage of multiple disciplinary perspectives, the minor also provides a common thread to move students along a continuum from the concept of leadership as holding office or getting people to do what you want them to do, to the understanding that leadership is working with people to move together toward the attainment of a vision informed by the common good.

Regardless of the career or life path a student chooses, he or she will always have the opportunity to engage in a significant leadership role. Whether having formal or informal responsibility for helping an organization achieve its goals, he or she will be in a position to lead and shape the direction of others. Effective leadership cuts across all disciplines and levels, and the Leadership Studies minor provides a solid academic, theoretical and practical vehicle to prepare students for these key roles.