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African and African-American Studies

African & African-American Studies Minor

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog


This program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of African, African-American and other African diasporic experiences, connecting the past with the present. The program is highly recommended for students majoring in education, human services, political science, English, history, international studies, communications and other programs leading to work with African and African-descended peoples. Through connected study, the student not only takes a fresh approach to learning, but also develops an individualized study plan.

The minor consists of a minimum of 20 credit hours, including a capstone experience selected from a current group of courses approved by the African & African-American Studies Advisory Committee. To satisfy minor requirements, students must elect courses from at least two departments. At least one course must focus on the African and another on the African-American experience. Students who take a course that connects the African and African-American experiences may obtain approval from the program coordinator to have the course count in both areas.

 Up to 12 semester hours of study abroad courses that emphasize African & African-American subject matter may count for the minor with the approval of the program coordinator. Students should be aware that to study abroad, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required; some international programs require an even higher GPA.

A minor in African & African-American Studies requires 20 semester hours taken from the following:


ARH 341 African Art 4 sh
COR 404 Africans and African Development 4 sh
ENG 236 African-American Musical and Literary Traditions 4 sh
ENG 237 Caribbean Literature 4 sh
ENG 238 African-American Literature before 1945 4 sh
ENG 239 African-American Literature Since 1945 4 sh
ENG 329 The Harlem Renaissance 4 sh
ENG 338 The African Experience in Literature 4 sh
ENG 359 African-American Novels 4 sh
FRE 353 The Francophone World Outside the Hexagon 4 sh
HST 121 U.S. History through 1865 4 sh
HST 140 Introduction to Caribbean History 4 sh
HST 252 Ghana: An Exploration of West Africa’s History & Culture 4 sh
HST 313 Modern Africa 4 sh
HST 349 Slavery and Renaissance 4 sh
HST 363 African-American History: 1850-Present 4 sh
HST 392 North American Slavery 4 sh
MUS 318 History of Jazz 4 sh
MUS 343 African-American Composers 4 sh
MUS 345 The Music of Miles Davis 4 sh
SOC 341 Ethnic and Race Relations 4 sh
AAA 361-9 Seminars in African & African-American Studies
(Interdisciplinary seminars focus on modern scholarship In African and African-American Studies. Topics vary according to course theme.)
4 sh
AAA 481           Internship in African & African-American Studies 1-4 sh
AAA 491 Independent Study 1-4 sh
AAA 499Research in African & African-American Studies1-4 sh
Study Abroad Winter Term Courses:  
GST 206 The Call of South Africa 4 sh
GST 288 Brazil: Community Engagement 4 sh
GST 297  Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa 4 sh
HST 279 Ghana: West African History and Culture 4 sh



Interdisciplinary seminars focus on modern scholarship in African and African-American Studies. Topics vary according to course theme.  


Students gain valuable work experience in a non-profit, business, governmental, legal, health services, or any other relevant setting that encourages the exploration of a career related to African & African-American Studies. Students must establish experiential goals and reflect on the learning experience. Offered on an individual basis when suitable opportunities can be arranged. Approval must be obtained from the AAAS program coordinator prior to registration. 


This course provides an opportunity for students to undertake in-depth study of individually chosen research topics in African & African-American Studies under the direction of a program-affiliated faculty member. Research projects may include a review of research literature, developing a research design, data collection and analysis, and a presentation or report when the study is completed. Prerequisites: A research proposal form completed in conjunction with the faculty member is required for registration. Students may register for one to four hours of credit per semester and may register for more than one semester of research for a total of eight hours of research credit towards the minor. Students must have a minimum 2.5 G.P.A., have completed 28 semester hours of undergraduate work, and secured approval from the faculty sponsor and AAAS program coordinator.


* Courses cross-listed with disciplines will be offered with an AA suffix or a statement in the course description.

Students who take courses at other institutions for transfer credit, or who wish to have courses not listed above count towards the African & African-American Studies minor must contact the program coordinator for approval.

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