AAASE celebrates the scholarship and achievements of our faculty, students and alumni.

Our Faculty …

Are renowned scholars and researchers, award-winning teachers, writers and artists.

  • Our faculty have published books, book chapters and journal articles on slavery, religion, the media, education, postcolonialism, and a textbook for Elon’s nationally renowned “The Global Experience” course.
  • Three have received the Daniels-Danieley Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Our faculty have been awarded grants, fellowships, scholarships and residencies from organizations like the
    Oak Foundation, Fulbright & Project Pericles.

Are leaders on campus, in their disciplines, communities and the world, extending their expertise at home and abroad.

  • They have directed more than a dozen interdisciplinary programs & chaired their departments. They also serve on boards and hold memberships in national & international organizations in their disciplines.
  • Our faculty coordinate and lead education, literacy, library, health and other initiatives to benefit domestic and international communities. Projects include the Elon-EPS Project (Johannesburg), the Global Links Library & Literacy Campaign, and The Village Project. Two faculty have been installed as Development Chiefs in Ghanaian communities.
  • They have developed and led Elon’s most popular short-term study abroad programs to South Africa & Ghana.


Our Students …

Are recipients of lucrative awards, scholarships and fellowships.

  • Our students often come from the Elon College, Honors, Leadership and Teaching Fellows programs, and have been Civic Engagement Scholars, Rangle Fellows, Lumen Scholars, a Truman Finalist & Perito Awardees. They have been inducted into prestigious honor societies like ODK, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha
    Kappa Delta and more.
  • AAASE students conduct, present and publish research and secure prestigious internships locally and globally. They conduct global research in places like Ghana, Malta, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda.
  • They routinely present research at conferences such as Elon’s Spring Undergraduate Research Forum and
    the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, and have won prizes for their work at the Lily South Teaching & Learning Conference.
  • Our students have broad research interests, including the international and domestic nonprofit sectors, human rights, refugee populations, protest and reconciliation movements and slavery.
  • They publish in journals like South African Geographic Journal, Progress in Development Studies & Africa Media Review.
  • They intern with the United Nations, the Genocide Intervention Network, and US and international government agencies, social service providers, orphanages and sports agencies.

Campus and national leaders.

  • Our students have started campus chapters of national organizations like Invisible Children and STAND, and their
    own nonprofit organizations.
  • They serve as officers in Model U.N. & the Student Government Association, as well as S.M.A.R.T. mentors & writers for The Pendulum.
  • Our students volunteer with Elon’s Campus Kitchen, N.C. African Services Coalition, and lead and participate in service trips to Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, Morocco & Uganda.


Our graduates …

Work and excel in a variety of careers including:

  • education, journalism, library science, law, public health, publishing, the nonprofit sector and social work.

Are admitted to prestigious and competitive graduate programs like:

  • Central European University, Georgetown University, The University of Texas, The London School of Hygiene
    and Tropical Medicine, Loyola University & SUNY-Albany.

Are rewarded with highly selective post-secondary learning and volunteer opportunities.

  • Our alumni work for Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps, Teach for America and are social entrepreneurs.