French Major and Minor

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in French requires the following courses:

FRE 350      
Methods: Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis
(prerequisite for all higher-numbered literature courses)

4 sh   


Choose at least three courses from the culture and civilization category (at Elon or abroad): 

Elon courses include:

  • FRE 323 Current Events in the French and Francophone World
  • FRE 361 Defining Moments in French Civilization
  • FRE 363 The French Cinema
12 sh    

Choose at least two courses for the literature category (at Elon or abroad):

Elon courses include:

  • FRE 351 Perspective on Early France
  • FRE 352 Perspectives on Modern France
  • FRE 353 Francophone World outside the Hexagon
8 sh

Choose at least three courses from the language category (at least four hours must be take abroad):

Elon courses include: 
  • FRE 321 French Conversation
  • FRE 324 French Phonetics
  • FRE 325 Advanced French Grammar 
12 sh     
  Two additional electives above the 222 level 8 sh
  Senior comprehensive exam and research presentation  
 TOTAL44 sh     

French majors are required to study abroad for at least one semester in a program that has been approved by the university and the department. Credits earned in such a program may substitute for the requirements for this major. A maximum of 16 semester hours per semester from courses take abroad can apply to the French major. Additional credits from abroad may be applied to Core Curriculum requirements, another major or minor as appropriate or used as elective credit for graduation.

A maximum of 4 semester hours in internship credit can apply to the French major.


French Minor

A minor in French requires 24 semester hours of courses taught in French beginning with FRE 221 or higher. FRE 350 is required. A semester or summer term abroad in a French-speaking country is strongly encouraged. A maximum of 12 semester hours of courses taught in French abroad can apply to the minor. 

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