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French Major and Minor

2013-14 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A major in French requires the following courses:

FRE 350: Methods - Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis

*Prerequisite for all higher-numbered literature courses

4 sh
Culture & Civilization - Choose at least three of the following:
  • FRE 323: Current Events in the French and Francophone World
  • FRE 361: Defining Moments in French Civilization
  • FRE 363: French Cinema
  • Other approved Culture and Civilization electives (at Elon or abroad)
12 sh
Literature - Choose at least two of the following:
  • FRE 351: Perspectives on Early France
  • FRE 352: Perspectives on Modern France
  • FRE 353: Francophone World Outside the Hexagon
  • Other approved literature electives
8 sh
Language - Choose at least three of the following:
  • FRE 321: French Conversation
  • FRE 324: French Phonetics
  • FRE 325: Advanced French Grammar
  • Other approved French Language electives
12 sh
Electives - Two addition electives above the 222 level 8 sh


40 sh

French majors are required to study abroad for at least one semester in a university-approved program in a country where French is officially spoken. Credits earned in such a program may substitute for requirements for this major.

A maximum of 4 semester hours in internship credit can apply to the French major.

A major in French with Teacher Licensure, K-12, requires the above 40 semester hours including FRE 401 or its substitute, plus 35 semester hours of professional studies courses in education and psychology.

French Minor

A minor in French requires 24 hours of courses taught in French beginning with FRE 221 or higher. FRE 350 is required. A winter or summer term abroad in a French-speaking country is strongly encouraged. A maximum of 12 sh of courses taught in French abroad can apply to the minor.

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