Neuroscience Minor 

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

The minor in neuroscience requires 24 semester hours.

The following core courses are required:

Choose one of the following courses 4 sh
BIO 111/113
Introductory Cell Biology OR
BIO 264
Human Physiology
PSY 243
Behavioral Neuroscience 4 sh
NEU 495 Seminar in Neuroscience 4 sh
 Total Core:12 sh 

An additional 12 semester hours of electives must be chosen from the following courses and/or other courses as approved by the program coordinator. Electives must be 200-level or higher and must come from at least two different disciplines. Up to four independent research credits (499) can be counted toward the accumulation of 12 credit hours, but these must be approved by the program coordinator.

BIO 245/246 Principles of Genetics w/lab 4 sh
BIO 315 Animal Physiology 4 sh
BIO 318 Comparative Vertebrate Structure 4 sh
BIO 331 The Biology of Animal Behavior 4 sh
BIO 422  Molecular and Cellular Biology  4 sh
CHM 211/213  Organic Chemistry I  4 sh
CHM 351 Biochemistry 4 sh
CHM 355 Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry  4 sh
CSC 410  Artificial Intelligence  4 sh
ESS 263 NeuroMotor Control 4 sh
ESS 440 Exercise and the Cell 4 sh
ESS 443  Exercise Psychophysiology  4 sh
PSY 242 Cognitive Psychology 4 sh
PSY 310 Memory and Memory Disorders 4 sh
PSY 311 Psychology of Language 4 sh
PSY 345 Psychology of Learning 4 sh
PSY 350 Principles of Drug Action 4 sh
PSY 351 Neuroplasticity 4 sh
PSY 352 Criminal Biopsychology 4 sh
PSY 353-54  Special Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience  4 sh
PSY 355  Sensation and Perception 4 sh
PSY 361  Animal Behavior  4 sh
 Total Electives: 12 sh
 Minor Total:24 sh

NEU 495: Seminar in Neuroscience (4 sh)

This course is designed to provide a detailed working knowledge of a variety of topics related to current issues in neuroscience. Discussion and analysis of topics will focus on structural and functional relationships of the brain and body as well as integration of perspectives from each student's major. At the culmination of the course, students will have an understanding of topics in neuroscience and be able to apply fundamental concepts to their professional path. Prerequisite: PSY 243. Offered spring semester.

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