What is Biology?

Biology is the study of life in all its diverse forms. As a species, we have always been deeply fascinated by other living creatures. Early human’s dependence on other animals and plants for food, medicine and shelter fostered an appreciation for life’s interconnectedness. Modern society has rediscovered these relationships in the face of such challenges as global warming, rain forest destruction, AIDS, rising cancer rates and industrial pollution.

Our approach to biology at Elon University stresses hands-on experiences in the classroom, laboratory and field. The course of study includes off-campus experiential opportunities and research seminars that encourage creative approaches to biological problems. The focus is on science as a process, not merely a collection of established facts.

The faculty strives to provide a high-quality program that enables students to (1) develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to better understand and meet present and future biological challenges; (2) develop competency in information retrieval, use and analysis; (3) develop an understanding of the latest technologies utilized in biological investigation; (4) acquire broad-based knowledge of biological concepts from molecules to ecosystems; and (5) acquire an experiential learning opportunity through research, internship or laboratory assistantship.

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