Program Overview

In all of Elon’s biology offerings, students receive a strong foundation in biology that prepares them for a wide range of careers or postgraduate education such as graduate school, medical and other health professional schools, teaching and industry. The Department of Biology offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology, and a minor concentration in Biology for students majoring in another discipline.

Within the Bachelor of Science degree the Department of Biology offers multiple disciplinary tracks to help guide students who are interested in particular career paths related to Biology. All B.S. Biology majors take the same core courses that are the foundation of Biological Sciences. After taking the core courses, majors tailor their degree to a particular track (Foundations for Medical Sciences, Integrative Biology, and Biotechnology+Molecular Biology). Within each track, the selection of upper level elective courses, provides the student with the flexibility to build a program that meets their individual interests, and prepares them for their future goals and needs.

Summary of program offerings:

  • Bachelor of Science, Biology: Integrative Biology track
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology: Foundation in Medical Science track: Allied Health
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology: Foundation in Medical Science track: Human or Veterinary Medical
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology: Biotechnology + Molecular Biology track
  • Bachelor of Arts, Biology