Biology Dept. Handbook for Majors


Advising – courses and experiential for the Biology major

Advising – Career Development

Other information

  • Scholarships for the Biology Department – each year we award $10-15K in scholarships to support Biology majors who are rising juniors and seniors. Calls for applications go out in Feb/Mar
  • Belk Library Biology literature databases – a great set of literature tools set up by Diane Ford who is the Biology representative at the library. You can also IM her from this page with your literature resource questions.
  • Academic Advising – a great resource to help you with many things including:
    • if you have special learning needs, or if special situations arise during the course of the semester.
    • getting majors checklists
    • declaring your major officially (takes about 5 min!) – declaring your major officially will initiate getting you a Biology faculty member as your advisor, and also get you onto our email listserv containing important announcements and opportunities (jobs, scholarships, summer research, etc)