Koenigsberger Learning Center

Welcome to the Koenigsberger Learning Center!

Elon University has a tradition of academic excellence. The university’s mission statement embraces the vision of its founders, embracing an academic community that transforms the mind, body, and spirit and encourages freedom of thought and liberty of conscience. To support this mission, as well as the core values of the institution, the KLC works with students and faculty to provide students with the assistance they need to not only successfully complete their degree, but also to take full advantage of all Elon has to offer. This includes ensuring their perspectives are challenged, immersing them in global experiences that connect their education to the real world, and helping them become advocates for global change. These goals are achieved in a cooperative and supportive environment that we call the Koenigsberger Learning Center.

On behalf of all our staff, we look forward to working with you during your time at Elon.


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Koenigsberger Learning Center Announcements