Spring Undergraduate Research Forum

The Spring Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF) is a time each year when we suspend our other campus activities to celebrate the academically centered creative endeavors and research efforts of Elon’s students. Due to COVID-19, SURF 2021 is entirely online. The oral presentation sessions will occur via Zoom Webinars, while the poster presentation sessions will be carried out via Gather. SURF 2021 has a total of 234 presentations, including two interdisciplinary symposia named “South Asia and the Challenges of the Twenty-first Century” and “Sustainability Across the Disciplines”. Fifty-eight of these presentations are self-identified as projects related to topics about diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and anti-racism. They are marked with an asterisk (*) in the presentation title. One student from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and two students from Chapel Hill High School also join us this year by presenting their posters. Each SURF abstract was reviewed by two Elon faculty members with disciplinary expertise.

SURF brings to light our students’ wonderful academic and creative pursuits. We invite you to join and support the student presenters and performers as they share the joy of exploration and discovery that are the hallmarks of an intellectual community.

Here is the SURF 2021 Program Booklet.

The SURF submission process

The SURF 2021 abstract submission deadline is March 1, 2021. To start the submission, you need to first log into a Google account via your Elon email.

SURF abstracts must be submitted pre-reviewed by two Elon faculty members other than your mentor. So, we ask mentors and students to work together to identify two faculty members with content expertise to review your abstract prior to submission. The process should utilize the following guidelines:

  1. The student and mentor draft an abstract for submission to SURF.
  2. The student and mentor collaboratively identify two faculty with content expertise to serve as reviewers.
  3. The student forwards the abstract to the reviewers. Please be mindful of the submission date and review time.
  4. The student receives their abstract back from the reviewers with comments and makes appropriate changes in consultation with their mentor.
  5. Once the mentor approves the abstract then the student may submit it to SURF.

To be accepted to SURF, approval from the Institutional Review Board (when applicable) is required. View the IRB Web site for additional information.

It is essential that the abstract is well-written and in language understandable by representatives of any discipline across campus. Discipline-specific jargon should be avoided, and if necessary, should be clearly defined. Abstracts and titles must be in the English language. The abstract must provide clear evidence that the student has undertaken a project that involves research at a level beyond the normal classroom experience.

It takes several weeks to organize the SURF programming. If you want the SURF program to come out sooner, then please make sure that the information you provide in the submission form and the abstract are accurate and consistent. It is also very helpful if you respond to our emails in a timely manner.

In order to facilitate the submission process, we are sharing a list of information needed for completing the SURF 2021 submission. This list will help you get prepared for the submission. Please note that this list is NOT the actual survey. You still need to go to the SURF 2021 submission site to fill out the relevant information and upload the abstract.

SURF abstract guidelines

You must submit an abstract to present at SURF. Use the abstract guidelines below to help you prepare your submission. The guidelines also include sample abstracts.

SURF Abstract Guidelines

SURF Presentation & Preparation Guidelines

For Poster Presenters:

SURF 2021 Poster Preparation & Submission Guidelines

Instructions on Presenting Posters in Gather

For Oral Session Presenters:

SURF 2021 Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation Preparation Guidelines

Current & Archived SURF Programs

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