Reimbursement Guidelines

This page includes all the information you need to submit reimbursements for UR grants.

Reimbursements should be submitted to Powell 108 and dropped in the clear box on the wall next to the program assistant’s desk. For electronic receipts, please email them in (click here for address).



Changes to reimbursement policy  in effect until April 6, 2020

For all reimbursements over $150:

Email reimbursement form and receipts (even those normally required to be submitted in paper form) to A check will be mailed to the address you list on the form.

For reimbursements under $150 (petty cash):

Email reimbursement form and all receipts to

If you are not on campus, a check will be mailed to the address you listed on the form.

If you are on campus and want  to pick up petty cash from the Bursar’s Office, we will send you an email approval to print and carry with you along with the physical receipt. The Bursar’s Office will reimburse you once you have both of these in hand.

Please keep all paper receipts in the event that they are required to be submitted as documentation at a later date when  normal office operations resume.

Reimbursement Form

  • You must include this reimbursement form as the cover sheet for every reimbursement that you submit.

Reimbursement Guidelines

  • Read the above document for more information on acceptable documentation and the reimbursement process.

Video Tutorial for Reimbursements

  • This screencast will walk you through the reimbursements guidelines presentation. It will provide information on how to submit acceptable documentation for your purchases and what to expect during the reimbursement process. Note that the travel reimbursement is now $0.58 per mile (August 2019).

UR Budget Rules

  • Please see this document for a list of the purchases that are eligible for reimbursement under the UR grants.