Reimbursement Guidelines

This page includes all the information you need to submit reimbursements for UR grants.

Fill out the reimbursement form provided below. Reimbursements should be submitted to to the Bursar’s office (click here) if under $150 and to this email address (click here) if over $150. Instructions on receipts and how to fill out the Bursar’s form as provided below in the Reimbursements Guidelines document.


Reimbursement Request Form (updated 6/4/24)

  • You must include this reimbursement form as the cover sheet for every reimbursement that you submit.

Reimbursement Guidelines (doc form)

  • Read the above documents for more information on acceptable documentation and the reimbursement process.

UR Budget Rules

  • Please see this document for a list of the purchases that are eligible for reimbursement under the UR grants.