Off-Campus Presentation and Publication Opportunities

Click here to visit the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s extensive list of undergraduate research journals in various disciplines.

Below is a list of off-campus presentations opportunities for undergraduates from all disciplines. There will be discipline-specific conferences as well – talk to your mentor about these professional conferences in your discipline.


  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research (see our NCUR page by clicking here) – various locations in US – March/April

North Carolina

  • State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium (click here to learn more) – November


  • Stanford Research Conference (click here to learn more) – April
  • Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research (click here to learn more)


  • National Collegiate Research Conference (click here to learn more) – Harvard University – January


  • Seven Rivers Undergraduate Research Symposium (click here to learn more)