Poster Preparation

Instructions for SURF and SURE Poster Presentations

1. The size of your poster should be 36 inches high x 48 inches wide. It should be printed either on paper or cloth so that it can be clipped on to a foam core board which will stand on an easel.

2. The title, author(s), mentor, and department should be prominently displayed on the poster. Please use Dr. for faculty with a Ph.D. and Professor for faculty with other degrees. Here is an example.


Author(s), (Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Doe), Department of XXX

3. Note that your poster will be viewed from about 3 feet away. Please choose a font size that can be read from that distance.

4. Include and arrange your materials so that a coherent and straight-forward story is told even without your presence. Emphasize the most important points and avoid overwhelming the viewer with too much detail. Here are some specific recommendations:

  • In the Introduction, briefly summarize the necessary background that led to this work and clearly identify the purpose or specific aims of the present study. If applicable, state the questions asked or hypothesis(es) tested.
  • Provide sufficient detail of the Methods employed to do the work.
  • The results can be effectively presented by table, figure, illustration and/or photograph. Make each stand on its own, so the viewer doesn’t have to refer elsewhere on the display to understand the important message(s). For each table, figure, etc., a lucid interpretative legend will go a long way in highlighting and briefly discussing the essential points.
  • In the Summary and Conclusion, briefly explain what are the vital “bottom lines” and the major takeaways of your work.

Instructions for NCUR Poster Presentations

For specific instructions related to NCUR – click here

Poster Printing

For information on printing posters through Elon Print Services and Office Depot for SUREclick here