Research Opportunities in 2020-2021

Faculty members listed below are looking for students interested in pursuing undergraduate research in 2020-2021. If you wish to be included on this page, then please email Meredith Allison.

*Faculty who do not have research opportunities in summer 2020.



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Faculty Member Research & Creative Interests Research Category Faculty Information
Aaron Piepmeier* cognitive performance, mobile health, mindful exercise Multidisciplinary
Aaron Trocki* mathematics education Multidisciplinary
Alexis Franzese sociology, social psychology, identity Social Sciences
Alfred Simkin* computer science, viruses, genomics Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Amanda Chunco* conservation, climate change Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Amy Allocco religion, gender, India/South Asia Arts & Humanities
Amy Overman neuroscience, memory, aging Social Sciences, Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Anthony Crider* astronomy, virtual reality, role-playing games Multidisciplinary
Baris Kesgin foreign policy, political leaders Social Sciences
Brian K. Pennington* religion, India, culture Multidisciplinary
Casey Avaunt dance history, dance theory, dance choreography Arts & Humanities
Chad Awtrey mathematics, data science, programming Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Charles Irons* history, race, religion Social Sciences
Chris Richardson active galactic nuclei, black holes, starburst galaxies Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Danielle Lake design thinking, wicked problems, feminist pragmatism Multidisciplinary
Duke Hutchings* computer science Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Elena Kennedy* social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial community School of Business
Erin Pearson* American literature and culture Arts & Humanities
Federico Pous* social movements, Latin America, social justice Arts & Humanities
Geoff Claussen* Jewish Studies, ethics, religion Arts & Humanities
Honglin Xiao GIS and remote sensing, global environmental changes, natural disasters Multidisciplinary
Hwayeon Ryu mathematical modeling, immune response, COVID-19 Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Janet Myers literature, WGSS Arts & Humanities
Jeff Clark* groups, term rewriting Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Jen Dabrowski* chemistry, sustainability, antibiotics Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Jen Hamel animal behavior, ecology, evolution Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Jennifer Eidum education, writing, teaching English Arts & Humanities
Jenny Jiang digital media analytics School of Communications
Jessica Merricks* biology education, public understanding of science, mixed methods research Multidisciplinary
Jessie Moore writing, engaged learning, publishing Multidisciplinary
Jonathan Su engineering, drug delivery, biomedical Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Julia Bleakney writing and rhetoric, mentoring, writing center studies Multidisciplinary
Karen Yokley* mathematical biology and modeling Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Kristin Lange German/Germany, languages, social media Multidisciplinary
Lauren Kearns* choreography, dance science Arts & Humanities
Lauren Walker sport psychology and health Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Lawrence Garber marketing, consumer behavior School of Business
Mark Enfield science education, multimedia authoring (using technology as a tool in school) School of Education & Wellness
Mark Kurt* labor economics School of Business
Mathew Gendle psychology, neuroscience, consciousness Multidisciplinary
Matthew Wittstein* virtual reality, human movement behavior, neuromotor control Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Megan Isaac Shakespeare, young adult literature, surveillance Arts & Humanities
Nina Namaste gender/race/class identity, food studies, interdisciplinarity Arts & Humanities
Pablo Celis-Castillo* Spanish, culture, Latin America Arts & Humanities
Paula Rosinski multimedia writing, online communications Arts & Humanities
Prachi Gala marketing, consumer behavior School of Business
Qian Xu social media, analytics, online persuasion School of Communications
Raj Ghoshal* race, public opinion, quantitative Social Sciences
Sabrina Thurman infant motor development Social Sciences
Samuele Pardini American studies, literary history, cinema Arts & Humanities
Scott Windham German studies, languages Multidisciplinary
Stephanie Baker* racism, health inequities, community-engagement Social Sciences
Stephen Byrd special education, compassion fatigue, international education School of Education & Wellness
Todd Lee mathematics, gerrymandering, analytics Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Vanessa Drew-Branch* social justice, grief Social Sciences
Wen Guo Arts administration and policy, visual culture, Chinese cultural policy Arts & Humanities