Research Opportunities in 2020-2021

Faculty members listed below are looking for students interested in pursuing undergraduate research in 2020-2021. If you wish to be included on this page, then please email Meredith Allison.



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Faculty Member Research & Creative Interests Research Category Faculty Information
Aaron Piepmeier cognitive performance, mobile health, mindful exercise Multidisciplinary
Aaron Trocki mathematics education Multidisciplinary
Alexis Franzese sociology, social psychology, identity Social Sciences
Alfred Simkin computer science, viruses, genomics Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Amanda Chunco conservation, climate change Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Amy Allocco religion, gender, India/South Asia Arts & Humanities
Amy Overman neuroscience, memory, aging Social Sciences, Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Anthony Crider astronomy, virtual reality, role-playing games Multidisciplinary
Baris Kesgin foreign policy, political leaders Social Sciences
Brian K. Pennington religion, India, culture Multidisciplinary
Casey Avaunt dance history, dance theory, dance choreography Arts & Humanities
Catherine Chiang forensic accounting, earnings management, analytics School of Business
Chad Awtrey mathematics, data science, programming Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Charles Irons history, race, religion Social Sciences
Chris Richardson active galactic nuclei, black holes, starburst galaxies Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Danielle Lake design thinking, wicked problems, feminist pragmatism Multidisciplinary
Duke Hutchings computer science Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Elena Kennedy social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial community School of Business
Erin Pearson American literature and culture Arts & Humanities
Federico Pous social movements, Latin America, social justice Arts & Humanities
Geoff Claussen Jewish Studies, ethics, religion Arts & Humanities
Honglin Xiao GIS and remote sensing, global environmental changes, natural disasters Multidisciplinary
Hwayeon Ryu mathematical modeling, immune response, COVID-19 Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Janet Myers literature, WGSS Arts & Humanities
Jeff Clark groups, term rewriting Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Jen Dabrowski chemistry, sustainability, antibiotics Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Jen Hamel animal behavior, ecology, evolution Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Jennifer Eidum education, writing, teaching English Arts & Humanities
Jenny Jiang digital media analytics School of Communications
Jessica Merricks biology education, public understanding of science, mixed methods research Multidisciplinary
Jessie Moore writing, engaged learning, publishing Multidisciplinary
Jonathan Su engineering, drug delivery, biomedical Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Julia Bleakney writing and rhetoric, mentoring, writing center studies Multidisciplinary
Karen Yokley mathematical biology and modeling Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Kristin Lange German/Germany, languages, social media Multidisciplinary
Lauren Kearns choreography, dance science Arts & Humanities
Lauren Walker sport psychology and health Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Lawrence Garber marketing, consumer behavior School of Business
Mark Enfield science education, multimedia authoring (using technology as a tool in school) School of Education & Wellness
Mark Kurt labor economics School of Business
Mathew Gendle psychology, neuroscience, consciousness Multidisciplinary
Matthew Wittstein virtual reality, human movement behavior, neuromotor control Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Megan Isaac Shakespeare, young adult literature, surveillance Arts & Humanities
Nina Namaste gender/race/class identity, food studies, interdisciplinarity Arts & Humanities
Pablo Celis-Castillo Spanish, culture, Latin America Arts & Humanities
Paula Rosinski multimedia writing, online communications Arts & Humanities
Prachi Gala marketing, consumer behavior School of Business
Qian Xu social media, analytics, online persuasion School of Communications
Raj Ghoshal race, public opinion, quantitative Social Sciences
Sabrina Thurman infant motor development Social Sciences
Samuele Pardini American studies, literary history, cinema Arts & Humanities
Scott Windham German studies, languages Multidisciplinary
Stephanie Baker racism, health inequities, community-engagement Social Sciences
Stephen Byrd special education, compassion fatigue, international education School of Education & Wellness
Todd Lee mathematics, gerrymandering, analytics Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Vanessa Drew-Branch social justice, grief Social Sciences
Wen Guo Arts administration and policy, visual culture, Chinese cultural policy Arts & Humanities