Why should students participate in undergraduate research?

Undergraduate research helps students apply classroom learning to new areas. It offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in inquiries in their chosen fields of study and experience first-hand what professionals do in that field. It also allows students to develop an understanding of how a chosen field can extend beyond disciplinary boundaries and overlap with other disciplines. Working with a faculty mentor on his/her research allows the student to benefit from the faculty member’s expertise and experience.

How can students get involved?

  1. First you need to declare a major. Most students undertake research in their majors.
  2. Talk to faculty in your department about their research interests. The department chair of your major and your academic advisor are also good resources for learning about research opportunities within the department.
  3. Read this resource with information that faculty want students to know before they start with research (click here).
  4. Check out this page that lists faculty who are currently accepting undergraduate researchers (click here).
  5. Join the Undergraduate Research Student Association. They can help students get involved in research opportunities on campus.
  6. Explore the student tabs on the left side of your screen to learn about opportunities in the Undergraduate Research department.

“Undergraduate Research has been the most rewarding experience of my Elon career. My mentors have taught me to value the process of discovery more than the outcome, and they continuously push me intellectually further than I ever could have imagined.”
Meara Waxman ’19, English Literature major