Online Petty Cash Reimbursement Process

As of Nov. 2, our petty cash reimbursement process is now fully online. This change eliminates the need for paper forms and streamlines the submission workflow. The all digital form is conveniently accessible from any device, allows receipts to be uploaded directly to the form and permits faster processing overall, among other benefits.


  1. You, the requestor must complete the online petty cash form, attach corresponding receipts and submit the form for approval.
  2. The approver will receive an email notification, then review the request and submit a decision.
  3. If approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Once received, you may visit the Bursar’s Office to receive your cash reimbursement.
  4. If declined, you will be notified by email of the next required action and the process begins again.

Access the Online Petty Cash Form

On campus, you must be connected to the elon-secure Wi-Fi network to access the form. Off campus, you must connect to the network using Elon VPN.

To view requestor instructions or approver instructions for completing the online petty cash form, visit the IT Self-Service Portal Knowledge Base. For questions, contact the Bursar’s Office at 336-278-5300.


The University allows petty cash reimbursements for minor business expenses that can’t otherwise be covered by a P-Card. Use of petty cash funds is limited to reimbursement to faculty, staff, and students for small expenses less than $150 (examples: taxi fares, airport parking, etc.).

Receipts are required for petty cash reimbursements. If you are missing a receipt, you must complete a missing receipt affidavit.