Peace and Conflict Studies Minor

A minor in Peace and Conflict Studies requires the following:

PCS 350 Foundations of Peace and Conflict Studies                                                       (4sh)

NOTE: Required course that will be offered spring 2014.


Sixteen semester hours selected from the following courses or other approved newly offered courses from at least two different departments.

The following courses are regularly offered and listed by title in the catalog:

ANT 372 Anthropology of War
ART 339 Ecological Art (full year, 2 credit each semester course)
ART 371 Photography as a Social Critique
ENG 372 Writing for Social Change
HIS 140 Introduction to Caribbean history
HIS 392 Slavery in North America
HIS 339 History of the Holocaust
HSS 311 Social Policy and Inequality
HST 349 Slavery and Resistance
HST 365 Social Movements in Post Civil War America
HSS 370 Community Organizing for Change
HSS 349 Violence in Families
GST 110 (only section by Prof. Russell)
PCS 121 Introduction to Conflict Mediation (2 credits)
PCS 122 Collaborative Conflict Resolution Skills (2 credits)
PHL 212 Ethical Practice
PHL 375 Animal Captivity: Zoos, Sanctuaries and Asylums
POL 141 International Relations
POL 343 International Law
POL 345 International Terrorism
POL 348 Human Rights
POL 362 India and Pakistan
POL 368 Latin American Politics
PSY 357 Criminal Behavior
REL 110 Religion in Global Context (only section by Prof. Claussen)
REL 201 Buddhist Traditions
REL 343 Women, Violence and Resistance
REL 344 Christianity and Social Justice
REL 348 Environmental Ethics
REL 365 Islam and other: Jihad in Historical Perspective
SOC 220 Social Issues and Problems
SOC 245 Non-Violence of the Brave: From Gandhi to King (taught only in Winter Term)
SOC 341 Ethnic and Race Relations


The following special topics courses are offered at various times, although not listed by title in the catalog:

ENG 372 Literature of Non-Violence
GST 206 Studies in South Africa
GST/HSS 374 Ordinary People in the Struggle for Change
GST/PHL 330 Economic Justice
GST 416 Wealth and Poverty
HST 463 Local Civil Rights History
REL 464 Sisterhood, Sexuality and Systemic Oppression: Exploring Feminist Political Theologies






Research, service and occupational internships focusing on issues relating to violence and non-violence. Prerequisites: two courses in non-violence studies and permission of the coordinator.


These seminars combine two or more interdisciplinary approaches to the problem of violence. Each will include exploration of non-violent approaches to confl ict situations. Prerequisites: two courses in non-violence studies.