The International and Global Studies Program at Elon University provides an interdisciplinary approach to the critical study of global issues and globalization more generally. Students will gain a broad knowledge of international and global affairs as well as proficiency in one of the world’s regions (Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa). In addition, a semester study abroad experience and foreign language proficiency aim to strengthen students’ intercultural competency. The program prepares students to examine their own lives as a part of ongoing, dynamic global processes and aims to foster a spirit of respect and appreciation for other peoples and cultures.

The International and Global Studies program prepares students for public and private sector employment in areas such as international and global affairs, government, non-governmental organizations, international travel, and business, as well as graduate and professional studies with a global or international focus. This major is a common attractive double major for students from a variety of disciplines, with the most typical and useful double major combinations being  political science, history,  world languages and cultures, public health studies, human service studies, communications and international business. It also also can be effectively combined with many minors.