International & Global Studies A.B.

The International & Global Studies Program at Elon University provides an interdisciplinary approach to the critical study of global issues and globalization more generally. Students will gain a broad knowledge of international and global affairs as well as proficiency in one of the world’s regions (Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa). In addition, a semester study abroad experience and foreign language proficiency aim to strengthen students’ intercultural competency. The program prepares students to examine their own lives as a part of ongoing, dynamic global processes and aims to foster a spirit of respect and appreciation for other peoples and cultures.

International & Global Studies Degree Requirements & Courses


International & Global Studies Minor

International & Global Studies Minor Requirements & Courses

Related Minors

International & Global Studies majors often choose minors related to their regional concentrations. The program currently offers the following regional concentrations:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East

At this time, the following minors are available:

African/African-American Studies

Asian Studies

Latin American Studies

Middle East Studies

Special area concentrations may be approved by the program coordinator.