Senior Assessment

All International and Global Studies majors must successfully complete a senior assessment to graduate.  This senior assessment will be an independent research project that you complete in the senior seminar (IGS 461).  A student must receive a grade of “C” or better on this senior assessment in order to graduate with an IGS degree.  Note that this grade may differ from a student’s final grade in the senior seminar course.

World Language Proficiency

In addition to demonstrating world language proficiency through the IGS language requirement, students must also demonstrate that they can use their most proficient world language in doing their independent research project in the senior seminar (the “senior assessment”).  Students will demonstrate this by using and citing a minimum of four (4) original foreign language sources in their senior seminar project (senior assessment).

Fellows Students and Lumen Scholars

IGS majors who are also Elon College Fellows, Elon Honors Fellows, or Lumen Scholars may be able to count 4 credits of their independent research and their related independent research project for the IGS senior seminar (and thus the senior assessment).  Please contact the IGS coordinator for more information.