A major in Psychology requires the following courses:

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology 4 sh
PSY 240 Lifespan Development 4 sh
PSY 241 Social Psychology 4 sh
PSY 242 Cognitive Psychology 4 sh
PSY 243 Behavioral Neuroscience 4 sh
PSY 302 Experimental Research Methods and Statistics 4 sh
PSY 303 Non-experimental Research Methods and Statistics 4 sh
 Two courses selected from the following: 8 sh
PSY 331 Psychological Testing  
PSY 333 Abnormal Psychology  
PSY 343 Personality Psychology  
PSY 345 Psychology of Learning  
PSY 350-54 Special Topics in Behavioral Neuroservice  
PSY 355 Sensation and Perception  
PSY 356 Health Psychology  
PSY 382 Child Psycholpathology  
PSY 383-390 Various topics in psychology  
 One course selected from the following 4 sh
PSY 460 Empirical Research Seminar  
PSY 461 Senior Seminar  
  Eight additional semester hours from PSY courses 8 sh
 TOTAL48 sh

Double Major. The psychology department waives four hours of electives for any student completing a double major. For example, a student double-majoring in Psychology and Exercise Sport Science would need a total of 44 PSY hours instead of the normal 48.

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