Internships for Psychology Majors

Elon’s psychology majors are encouraged to explore career options in psychology through internships toward the end of their classroom study. Internship experiences also help clarify student interests. By working in selected areas, students begin building practical experiences to complement their classroom studies.

There are many possible settings for psychology internships, such as: group homes, industrial and organizational settings, social service agencies, police departments, psychiatric wards, special education placements, human resources departments, and schools and daycares.

If you are an upper-level psychology major at Elon and you are interested in exploring internship options, check out the information available on the Student Professional Development Center’s website and on the College of Arts and Sciences webpage.

If you are just starting to consider internships, please see these brief overview videos provided by Dr. Fleming who mentors internships in the clinical domain. If you have additional questions about internships, please discuss with your advisor or a faculty member in your specialty area of interest.

What is an internship?
How do I find an internship?
What do I do once I have an internship?


If you need financial assistance with a summer internship registered for credit, we are sometimes able to offer some assistance. Please watch for an email about the opportunity in early/mid-spring.