Internship Opportunities

Many students choose to gain additional experience outside of the classroom by participating in co-op, internship, and other work experiences prior to graduation. Internships satisfy the Experiential Learning Requirement. You must register for this opportunity prior to beginning your work experience.

Computer Science students have recently interned at companies such as Google, Credit Suisse, Prometheus, SAS, Cisco, IBM, and Gilbarco.

For more information, contact Ryan Mattfeld.

From Career Services

What recent interns have to say:

Working at SAS was a rewarding and enriching experience. Every day I learned something new, and I was constantly challenged to solve problems, expand my technical skills, and, most importantly, be a valuable asset for my team. When I was able to create a virtual machine for a customer or simply get a machine up and running, I knew that my work was making a difference to other people. Taking an internship is more than just the job itself; it is about evolving as a person, seeing how the things you learn in college pertain to the real-world, and placing yourself in an unfamiliar and exciting environment.  I could not stress the importance of getting an internship enough, no matter what field of study you are in. The growth and knowledge you gain when entering the professional world will stick with you your whole life.

Daniel Schneider, Class of 2016

My internship gave me invaluable experience. While I was receiving the theoretical knowledge during class, I was able to see how the theories were actually implemented in the real world at my internship. While doing this, I was obtaining more technical skills and real life experience as well as learning to work in a corporate environment. Taking my internship was easily one of my top choices and experiences at Elon.

Matt, Class of 2010

My internship with the Federal Government has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It gave me the opportunity to get an actual feel for what a professional workplace will be like once I graduate and go into the professional field. I was able to use some of the skills I learned in computing science course at Elon in the job and will be able to take the new experiences back and apply them to work at Elon. I feel that every student should strive to get an internship at some point in their academic careers, it will definitely help a student to become more focused and know what they want to do with their life.

David, Class of 2010