What is Data Science?

The data science discipline centers on using technology to solve a wide range of complex problems that involve capturing, analyzing, visualizing, and managing large sets of data. Every day more than 15 petabytes (15 quadrillion bytes) of data are generated around the world.

Data scientists are concerned with creating intelligence from the data that can be used to solve complex problems like mapping the shrinking polar ice sheets, tracking the spread of infectious disease, understanding customer buying patterns, and helping people manage their health.

The data science minor at Elon teaches students to apply state-of-the-art tools and techniques for transforming a barrage of data to consistent, trusted, and relevant information that can provide insight and support decision making. The hands-on program provides a solid foundation in programming, databases, visualization, and data mining. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, data science complements a variety of majors and minors.

Minor in Data Science – 20 semester hours in computer science