Department Facilities

Computer Science students have access to many campus computer labs so they can engage in a wide array of projects and activities, whether for classroom assignments, faculty-mentored research, or independent exploration.  All labs are equipped with the hardware or software necessary to complete classwork.

The Carpenter Lab in Duke 101 is “home” for many CS students.  No classes are scheduled in this lab so students may use it to complete their work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  CS students have exclusive access to this lab.  Further, this lab is located in the center of the CS faculty office suite, providing students with easy access to CS faculty members.  Carpenter Lab features 12 state-of-the-art Mac desktop machines that are replaced with brand new machines every 3 years.  Faculty outfit these machines with a wide variety of software and students have the capability to install software that may be needed for personal exploration.  Plenty of additional desk and table space allows students to use personal laptops or use the room to engage in group projects and activities.  Duke 304 is another 24-7 lab featuring 8 state-of-the-art Mac desktops and plenty of desk and table space.  Duke 304 and is shared among CS and Mathematics and Statistics students.

The Robotics Lab in Duke 108 is a room that supports computing and space needs for many students as well.  Courses in robotics, game design, engineering, and occasionally other areas of study are taught in this room, but it is available to students 24-7 whenever classes are not in session.  The room features 12 Windows desktop machines, 24 robotics kits (and many robotics components), a 3D printer, and an array of electrical engineering equipment.  The room also features a wireless display system, making it ideal for student project work and presentations.  The Elon Society of Computing (the main CS student organization) and the Programming Team frequently meet in this space.

Other labs where computer science courses are taught include Duke 303 (30 Mac desktops), Mooney 202 (30 Mac desktops), and Lindner 202 (36 Windows desktops).  Like the Robotics Lab, students also have access to these rooms when classes are not in session.

The Department supports explorations of emerging topics in technology and computer science through periodic purchasing of specialized equipment.  Recent purchases have facilitated the teaching and undergraduate research in game design, augmented reality, mobile computing, and IoT (Internet of Things).

Beyond CS-specific facilities, Elon has an active Maker community and multiple MakerHub locations.

For more information about facilities or about Computer Science generally, contact Department Chair Duke Hutchings.