Why minor in Women's/Gender Studies...What minors are saying

Check out this brochure of WGS accomplishments from 2013-2014 and see what minors have said below...

"I would recommend a minor in W/GS to any student who craves a deeper understanding of the relationship between gender and the world. I initially decided to become a minor because it was the closest thing to some form of LGBTQ studies, but I have since had a world open up to me that encourages questioning and change. I think it's a rather liberating minor too. It urges one to challenge past perspectives."

"In terms of why I chose to become a W/GS minor/major, there are many reasons. First of all, gender and sexuality constantly surround us as human beings. Instead of being more or less indifferent to it, why not learn about it? Taking W/GS courses has completely changed my world view...I look at the world with a completely different lens. The professors in the program are true intellectuals and are challenging academically. I like W/GS because it involves praxis...learning about the theories and experiences of diverse people and then putting it into action in my daily life. W/GS involves social justice and I am very much interested in the fight for equal justice for all."

"I think a minor in W/GS is important for a couple of reasons. I think it makes connections across a multitude of disciplines that enhances a student's ability to think at an advanced critical level. It teaches students to read and experience the world around them more critically because of its emphasis on looking at the subtextual information and the politics behind seemingly "un-political" issues. It exposes students to an on-going, largely ignored or accepted social injustice that is inherent in our society that affects them. I think that's key—that the issues we discuss specifically affect their lives every day (male or female). Finally, there is a rigor to feminist/queer scholarship (because it is not universally accepted) that teaches them to be more rigorous in their expectations and abilities argument-wise."