Elon University
2007-2008 Institutional Priorities


1. Develop a plan to ensure Elon’s continued national leadership in international education, including submission of final recommendations for the future of the Costa Rica program and an Elon center in Italy

2. Submit Phi Beta Kappa application October 1, 2007, and host a successful site visit in spring 2008

3. Prepare Elon’s School of Law for a successful ABA visit and continued growth

  • Complete self study and host a successful ABA visit in fall 2007
  • Support the development of the School of Law’s Center for Engaged Learning in Legal Education
  • Recruit additional faculty
  • Enroll third class of students with an LSAT average of 154
  • Secure professorships, scholarships, and other endowments
  • Further develop the leadership component of Elon’s law program

4. Benchmark quality of and plan improvements for the Love School of Business in accordance with key national standards of excellence

5. Develop a proposal for new interdisciplinary science initiatives through the work of the Long-Range Planning Committee

6. Establish programs that support student internships in New York City, Los Angeles, and other U. S. cities

7. Complete implementation of Academic Summit recommendations

  • Discuss report of the Presidential Task Force on Scholarship and implement selected recommendations
  • Discuss report of the Presidential Task Force on Alcohol and implement selected recommendations

8. Implement year two of the plan to reduce part-time faculty toward 15 percent

9. Increase visibility of faculty scholarship within the University and to external audiences 



10. Enroll 1275 academically talented, diverse, and well-rounded freshmen whose SATs fall within the 1730 – 1950 range, with an average of 1820 (critical reading and math = 1210)

11. Review merit financial aid awards

  • Develop a new model for identifying and awarding named scholarships
  • Strengthen funding for Presidential Scholarships, Honors Scholarships, and Fellows Programs
  • Consider new scholarship opportunities for upperclass students to acknowledge extraordinary achievement

12. Enroll new students in each graduate program to meet the following goals

  • DPT: enroll 36 students in January 2008
  • MBA: enroll 50 students in AY 2007-08
  • MEd: enroll 40 students in summer 2007
  • JD: enroll 110 students in August 2008 



13. Develop and begin to implement a strategic plan addressing all alumni constituencies, especially young alumni

  • Conduct a successful Alumni Summit
  • Hold a successful Alumni Leadership Day in spring 2008

14. Continue to promote Elon Town Square Website (E²), targeting faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, parents, and current students

15. Develop a new University campus security master plan, including an upgraded unified emergency communication system

16. Finalize three-year strategic plan to expand the role of the Multicultural Center

17. Evaluate goals and objectives of staff development program

18. Plan the creation of new interfaith spaces in conjunction with Elon Community Church

19. Implement year one and plan year two of the Elon Academy, support Cummings High School programs, and explore opportunities to support other local middle and high schools



20. Begin implementation of recommendations of the career center and senior transition task forces

21. Develop plans to increase the number of undergraduates living on campus to 60%, with juniors and seniors comprising 20% of those residents

22. Support six new learning communities in The Colonnades residence halls (Collective Action & Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability, Business, La Maison Francaise, Deutsches Haus, and La Casa Italiana) 



23. Complete leadership phase and prepare for launch of public phase of Ever Elon Campaign

24. Create partnerships between Advancement personnel and deans to facilitate annual and major gifts in support of college and school needs

25. Increase annual giving

  • $1.7 million for the Elon Fund/Parents and Grandparents Fund
  • $704,000 for the Phoenix Club in support of athletic scholarships
  • $300,000 for the School of Law annual fund 



26. Develop new three-year campus technology plan

27. Develop and implement a document management plan

28. Complete planning for

  • Railroad pedestrian tunnel
  • Law annex expansion
  • Lindner building in Academic Village
  • Renovation of 2nd and 3rd floors of Powell
  • Koury Field House expansion
  • North Area commons building
  • Enhanced campus entrances
  • New playing fields
  • Relocation of softball field
  • Renovation of the Octagon Café and Harden dining hall
  • Renovation of The Lodge

29. Complete construction of

  • The Colonnades dining hall
  • The Colonnades residence halls (A & B)

30. Renovate and refurbish

  • 2nd and 3rd floors of Alamance
  • College Manor for Information Technology use
  • Daniel Commons in Danieley Center
  • Danieley N common space
  • Center for the Arts lobby and restrooms
  • Moseley Center second floor west wing for expanded leadership, service learning, and multicultural center spaces
  • Priestley and bank buildings for student media and student public relations agency


31. Develop an overall operational plan, including associated budgets, to integrate environmental sustainability into the infrastructure of the University

  • Hire an environmental sustainability coordinator
  • Develop plan for reduction of carbon footprint
  • Update Elon construction standards to increase sustainability criteria
  • Develop a plan for migrating to alternative-fuel vehicles and begin implementation
  • Introduce an ARAMARK program to share surplus food with the community
  • Develop a program to reduce food waste
  • Introduce more locally produced foods into the meal plan cycle

32. Improve energy efficiency of the existing campus

  • Begin sub-metering project for electrical meters on campus
  • Reduce energy consumption by 6% (measured by BTUs by square foot by degree day)
  • Become an Energy Star campus

33. Increase recycling on campus

  • Introduce new recycling locations and bins
  • Develop a plan for implementing a test compost facility