Elon University
2009-2010 Institutional Priorities

Academic excellence

1.    Initiate a review of General Studies

2.    Respond to recommendations from the physician assistant feasibility study

3.    Finalize new organization for the School of Education

4.    Continue development of the School of Law, including the following:

•    Continue to improve LSAT median
•    Achieve ABA bar exam pass rate of at least 75%
•    Host a successful ABA visit in November

5.    Continue to support the work of the Phi Beta Kappa faculty to shelter a PBK chapter at Elon

6.    Plan for an online journal on undergraduate research to be launched fall 2011

7.    Initiate a process and collaborative organizational structure for strengthening and enhancing the university’s partnership with the Alamance-Burlington School System

Strategic planning

8.    Complete a draft of the next university strategic plan in fall 2009; hold campus discussions in advance of the October 2009 board of trustees retreat

Faculty and staff

9.    Conduct search for the dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences

10.    Continue to implement recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on Scholarship, including hiring an associate provost with responsibilities for assisting faculty with research development

11.    Collaborate with Academic Council’s Task Force on Service to ensure that service to the university is clearly and consistently defined, valued, and rewarded in the faculty evaluation system

12.    Build a program to support and assist faculty and staff in developing grant proposals, including grants to support funding for undergraduate and graduate research

13.    Establish a faculty/staff professional and leadership development program, including clearly defined development programs for departmental chairs and staff supervisors

Competitive admissions

14.    Enroll 1300 freshmen who reflect Elon values—especially academic ability and diversity—and who bring a well-rounded high school experience that fits Elon’s style of engaged learning; the majority of these students will fall within a total SAT range of 1730 – 1950 with an average of 1820

15.    Enroll new students in each graduate program to meet the following goals:

•    DPT: 36 students in January 2010
•    MEd: 36 students in summer  2010
•    MA Interactive Media: 36 students in summer 2010
•    MBA: 55 students in AY 2009-10
•    JD: 120 students in fall 2010

Vibrant, student-centered campus community

16.    Prepare for the NCAA certification process that will formally begin in Fall 2009 and complete the self-study report by May 2010

17.    Form a committee to conduct a feasibility study on developing residential colleges, adding a significant number of new beds, and instituting a junior-year residency requirement

18.    Continue to implement recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on Alcohol

•    Expand work of University Committee on Alcohol to address student drug use
•    Develop format for an annual dashboard of indicators of the effects of alcohol misuse
•    Implement initiatives to support students committed to substance-free lifestyles
•    Convert the Zone to a coffee house with programming space and engaging technology

19.    Develop a plan to infuse civic engagement more deeply into the curricular and co-curricular programs of the university

20.    Complete 5-year plan to expand the role of the multicultural center

21.    Develop a plan to further support a campus climate where diverse religious communities are encouraged and appreciated

•    Appoint a committee to plan for a multi-faith center and religious identity housing on campus
•    Open Catholic Newman Center on South Campus
•    Develop and disseminate additional information about religious life at Elon to prospective students and raise awareness among currently enrolled students

22.    In anticipation of a new field house, plan for expansion of student recreation, program, and meeting spaces in Koury Center, Moseley Center, and on West Lawn 

Sustainable environment

23.    Continue efforts to reduce the university’s carbon footprint

•    Implement Year 1 of energy reduction plan
•    Strengthen the student peer education program for sustainability
•    Conduct FY 2009 greenhouse gas inventory
•    Draft a long-range climate action plan to address challenges of climate change
•    Begin using an online rideshare system to assess the potential for a larger carpool program with incentives  
•    Establish a campus heating and air conditioning policy on set-back temperature controls
•    Develop a research study to understand the impact of new energy demands added to the university’s energy load, such as computer growth, student amenities, extended hours of operations, etc.

Outstanding campus and technology

24.    Complete the campus facilities master plan

25.    Hire an external consultant to advise on development of a downtown Elon commercial district

26.    Complete planning for the following construction projects:

•    Geothermal North Area
•    Geothermal KBC Area
•    Colonnades housing units C & D
•    Belk Library book storage
•    Academic Village colonnade links
•    Convocation center
•    New Parking: 400-car lot on Walker property
•    Koury Field House renovation
•    New softball field
•    Story Center HVAC system renovation
•    The Zone as a local-brand coffee shop
•    Communications addition
•    Multi-faith center and religious identity houses
•    Science facilities
•    Greek housing
•    New field house

27.    Complete construction of the following projects:

•    Railroad pedestrian tunnel
•    Holland House relocation
•    Academic Village plaza
•    Golf training building
•    Powell building renovation
•    Acorn Coffee Shop renovation
•    Soccer stadium bleacher seats
•    Danieley Center breezeway enclosures

28.    Investigate virtual desktop applications in order to provide students better access to software regardless of their locations

29.    Complete the voice-over-Internet protocol conversion and retire the Nortel Meridian system by fall 2010

30.    Install additional security cameras in parking lots

31.    Upgrade the current card-access system to include additional buildings

32.    Further develop Elon’s electronic communications, incorporating more sophisticated multimedia and video resources, expanding use of social media, and supporting the transition from print to Web where appropriate

33.    Complete implementation of the human resources online applicant tracking program for staff positions

34.    Implement an online benefits orientation program for faculty and staff

35.    Develop a Web-based time-/hours-worked entry system for payroll

Resources to support excellence

36.    Raise at least $15 million in new gifts and pledges to the Ever Elon Campaign to reach $80 million in total campaign commitments by May 31, 2010

37.    Raise $1.9 million in gifts to the Elon Fund

38.    Increase annual giving participation of young alumni to 20% and annual giving participation of all alumni by 2%

39.    Athletics

•    Raise $850,000 in cash for the Phoenix Club
•    Raise $700,000 in new commitments to the field house
•    Raise $300,000 in new commitments to endowment

40.    Raise $400,000 in annual scholarship funds for the School of Law

41.    Continue to build a culture of stewardship on the Elon campus; effectively engage deans and other senior officers of the university in fund raising and stewardship