2012-2013 Institutional Priorities

An unprecedented university commitment to diversity and global engagement

  1. Support the goal to provide 100 percent access to a global study experience (international study or domestic study away).
    1. Finalize creation of an Office for Domestic Study and develop signature programs.
    2. Support inaugural Elon in LA semester program.
    3. Develop targeted programs for academic departments that have limited participation.
    4. Advance international study opportunities for student-athletes and send men’s and women’s tennis and golf teams abroad.
  2. Continue to increase the number of international students at Elon.
    1. Continue the development of the International Fellows program.
    2. Develop the South China University 2+2 program.
    3. Provide training for faculty and staff concerning working with international students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Open the Numen Lumen Pavilion and plan for a vibrant multi-faith/interfaith program at Elon.
    1. Develop a Multi-faith Council of representatives from across campus to coordinate and facilitate the mission of the multi-faith center.
    2. Celebrate the dedication and inaugural year of the Numen Lumen Pavilion with specialized programming and a panel of faith leaders for spring 2013 convocation.
    3. Renovate 401 E. College Ave. as the Hillel Center and continue fundraising for an expanded Jewish Life program.
    4. Hire a part-time Chaplain for the Muslim community.
    5. Implement, as appropriate, the recommendations of the Interfaith Youth Core report.
    6. Plan for long-term leadership of the Center for the Study of Religion, Culture, and Society.
  4. Monitor and report on diversity and global engagement plans.
    1. Consolidate three existing committees into “Inclusive Community Council” to oversee inclusion efforts on campus. 
    2. Strengthen support for learning around difference through the design and implementation of an Elon 101 pilot focused on understanding self, others, and your university, launch of a winter term diversity theme, and piloting of diversity education portfolio.
  5. Enhance Elon’s partnerships with ABSS by expanding the University’s credit bank program for area high school students.

Supporting a world-class faculty and staff

  1. Continue to make progress on faculty/staff salary plan and complete salary review.
  2. Review teaching, research, and service expectations for faculty performance as teacher-scholars.
    1. Discuss and, when feasible, implement recommendations from the Academic Council’s task force reports on service, promotion and tenure, reassigned time, and department chair responsibilities.
    2. Finalize revisions of departmental peer-reviewed scholarship statements and submit them to the Provost’s Office.
    3. Assess the pilot program and support expanded practices for faculty mentoring.
  3. Develop a process and create a plan for investing in and replacing technology (including software) that will enhance the teaching/learning and scholarship activities of faculty members.
  4. Conduct successful hiring for administrative positions.
    • Registrar
    • Assistant/Associate Provost for Inclusive Community
    • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Dean of Admissions

Attaining the highest levels of achievement across our academic and student life programs

  1. Enroll 1,400 freshmen reflecting Elon values, especially academic ability, diversity, and a well-rounded high school experience that fits Elon’s style of engaged learning. The majority of these students will fall within a total SAT range of 1730–1950 with an average SAT of 1820. 
  2. Enroll new students in each graduate program to meet the following goals.
    • DPT — To enroll 44 students in January 2013, 2014
    • P.A. — To enroll 36 students in January 2013, 2014
    • M.Ed. — To enroll 21 students in summer 2013
    • M.A. iMedia — To enroll 36 students in summer 2012, 2013
    • MBA — To enroll 55 students in AY 2012-2013
  3. Expand Elon’s west coast presence through the support of new admissions and School of Communications staff in Los Angeles.
  4. Initiate implementation of recommendations of the university committee on leadership to strengthen Leadership Fellows program and implement stage one of a leadership program open to all students, with full implementation of both programs 2013-2014.
  5. Develop and begin implementation of a plan to expand health services programs and facilities, and more efficiently deliver services.
  6. Refine and enhance the core messages about Elon’s distinctive place in higher education and implement a communications plan promoting the university’s four pillars: engaged learning, a vibrant community on a premier campus, a global focus and a best-value cost position.
  7. Support the General Studies Council as it works to align the new mission and goals and the GST curriculum, including re-evaluating the ELR (Experiential Learning Requirement), GST Seminars, and Foreign Language Requirement. 
  8. Advance programs that articulate the critical role of fluency in a second language to being a global citizen and ensure that students have access to a vibrant, innovative foreign language curriculum that connects to their career aspirations.
  9. Complete and submit the SACS (Southern Association for Colleges and Schools) accreditation report. Host a successful SACS visit April 16-18, 2013.
  10. Develop a plan to implement QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) recommendations on Writing Across the University. 
  11. Continue development of the School of Law.
    1. Continue application process for AALS (Association of American Law Schools) membership.
    2. Resolve space issues as law school activities expand.
    3. Recruit a nationally recognized leader in legal scholarship and teaching.
    4. Develop a comprehensive strategic planning process that includes trustees, board of advisor members, alumni, and main campus personnel.
  12. Prepare for or complete successful professional accreditations.
    1. SACS (Southern Association for College and Schools) Substantive Change Request for Physician Assistant Studies program.
    2. ARC-PA (Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant) initial accreditation.
    3. AACSB-I (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International) reaccreditation.
  13. Establish the Center for Engaged Learning and its inaugural programs, including preparations to host the October 2013 conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
  14. Introduce new learning and business technology systems.
    1. Fully integrate Moodle as collaboration and learning management system by providing support, training, and modules to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff.
    2. Complete conversion of Blackboard Transact 3.

Launching strategic and innovative pathways in undergraduate and graduate education

  1. Implement and evaluate the inaugural GAP semester program.
  2. Successfully enroll the first class of Physician Assistant Studies students and provide a rigorous and transformative educational experience.
  3. Explore feasibility of new graduate programs.
    • Full-time M.A.T. (Master of Arts in Teaching)
    • Accelerated and/or Full-time MBA
    • Ph.D. in Communications
    • Post-professional degree program in Health Sciences

Stewarding Elon’s commitment to remain a best-value university

  1. Meet the following fundraising targets:
    1. Raise $2,337,000 in gifts toward Elon’s Greatest Needs.
    2. Raise $1,900,000 in designated annual gifts.
    3. Raise $620,000 in undesignated and designated gifts to the Law School.
    4. Raise $420,000 in annual giving to support Law School scholarships.
    5. Raise $200,000 toward other Law School priorities, including clinics.

Developing innovative alumni programs to advance and support the Elon graduate

  1. Develop and begin to execute the second phase of Building a Vibrant Alumni Network Plan.
    1. Expand volunteer opportunities to deepen and enrich the alumni experience and to support today’s students.
    2. Develop formal systems of collaboration with student professional development and admissions to clearly define, track, and support alumni roles.
    3. Continue to educate current students on the importance of lifelong engagement and achieve 40% participation in senior class giving.
    4. Launch a family visit program as the first phase of a comprehensive legacy program.
    5. Create an alumni video to inspire and engage alumni.
  2. Continue with enhancements to the Student Professional Development Center.
    1. Hire associate directors for corporate and employer relations for LSB and Elon College.
    2. Design and manage an online job registry software program.
    3. Enhance students’ on-campus job searching with special attention to students in the next phase of the PACE student work study program and first-generation college students.

Establishing a national tournament tradition of athletics success along with the highest academic standards for Phoenix athletics

  1. Continue the advancement of the gender equity commitment.
    1. Implement women’s lacrosse.
    2. Add 3 scholarships to existing women’s sports programs.
    3. Complete phase I of Hunt Softball Park for competition in spring 2013.
  2. Meet the following fundraising targets:
    1. Raise $500,000 to fund the Koury Field House renovations.
    2. Raise $725,000 for phase II of Hunt Softball Park to construct the locker room facilities.
    3. Raise $975,000 for the Phoenix Club for scholarships.

Significantly enhancing Elon’s campus with premier new academic and residential facilities and a commitment to protecting our environment

  1. Secure funding for capital projects outlined in the Elon Commitment.
    • Student Activity Space at the Francis Center
    • Performing Arts Expansion at the Francis Center
    • Hillel Center (at the former Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life)
    • Hunt Softball Park
    • Koury Fieldhouse Renovations
    • Welcome and Admissions Center Building
  2. Establish and begin executing a campaign for a new School of Communications facility.
  3. Continue implementation of the Residential Campus Plan.
    1. Establish the Station at Mill Point residential neighborhood for juniors and seniors.
    2. Launch a comprehensive communications plan to raise awareness of residential campus plan among students, faculty/staff, advisory boards, parents, and alumni.
    3. Define the roles, program support, and recognition for faculty, staff, and peer mentors in each of the residential neighborhoods.
    4. Expand collaborations between Student Life and Academic Affairs to develop and evaluate additional ways to link academic activities with residential life, including co-enrolling half the first-year students in the Historic and Danieley Neighborhoods in ENG or GST 110 Fall 2012, and planning for new learning communities.
    5. Create a university advisory committee for the long-term oversight of the residential campus plan, recommending programs and assessing outcomes.
    6. Develop a plan to provide study spaces, kitchens, teacher-scholars-in-residence apartments, and gathering spaces in the Historic, Loy, and Danieley Neighborhoods.
  4. Develop parking, campus shuttle, and tailgating plan to accommodate the loss of parking spaces due to construction of the Global Neighborhood.
  5. Evaluate and review Campus Master Plan recommendations including greenspace, site plans, pedestrian paths, landscape, and vehicular circulation.
  6. Complete planning for the following projects.
    • School of Communications building
    • Parking Lot (800 cars) at Francis Center
    • Performing Arts Expansion at the Francis Center
    • Student Activity Space at the Francis Center
    • Elon Homes Campus Use
  7. Complete design for following projects.
    • Welcome and Admissions Center
    • Koury Field House Renovation
    • Moseley Master Plan Renovation
    • Upgrade of existing residence halls
    • Upgrade of South Campus Fields
  8. Complete construction for the following projects.
    • Station at Mill Point Housing (August 2012)
    • Global and Cultural Themed Interiors for Classrooms and Faculty office pods (August 2012)
    • Duke Renovation (August 2012)
    • African/African-American Studies Program (August 2012)
    • Lakeside Dining Hall ( December 2012)
    • Hunt Softball Park (January 2013)
    • Numen Lumen Pavilion (January 2013)
    • Hillel Center (January 2013)
    • Global Neighborhood House 1 (August 2013)
    • Complete transition to new door security system (August 2013)
  9. Support progress toward Sustainability Master Plan and Climate Action Plan implementation.
    1. Conduct FY 2012 GHG (Greenhouse Gas) inventory, including a commuter habit survey.
    2. Complete Phase I of the Elon Forest Research Station.
    3. Expand BioBus service to include the Station at Mill Point during the fall of 2012.
    4. Develop an energy performance specification for a competition for McMichael Science Building and Belk Library with a goal to improve the operating efficiency of the complex.
    5. Continue efforts to work with Town of Elon to improve walking and biking on and around campus.
    6. Continue efforts to promote efficiency of classroom usage during winter term and summer school/camps/conferences in a sustainable manner.
  10. Successfully open Lakeside Dining Hall in winter 2013.
    1. Renovate Daniel Commons to accommodate catering operation until Lakeside Dining Hall is complete.
    2. Purchase and install Provisions on Demand concept in seating area of Daniel Commons in order to have items available for students living in this area.
    3. Develop dining concept for Daniel Commons once Lakeside Dining Hall is operating.