2014-2015 Institutional Priorities

An unprecedented university commitment to diversity and global engagement

  1. Finalize a strategy to assure that 100% of Elon students have access to a global experience either domestically or abroad, including a process to create award packages for students participating in a global experience.
  2. Continue to implement enhancements to the Center for Access and Success at Elon, including the Watson and Odyssey programs, the Elon Academy, Collegiate Start, the Village Project, and new programming to support limited income and first-generation students.
  3. Enhance ongoing civic engagement curricular and co-curricular experiences for students to learn and practice the skills and habits of democratic citizenship, including dialogues and public debates on campus, political, and social issues.
  4. Develop a strategic implementation plan for recommendations from the LGBTQIA and Black Communities task forces. Continue work on identifying priorities for Hispanic/Latino populations.
  5. Support the development and implementation of a multi-faith strategic plan including continued work on the assessment of initiatives and the continued development of the Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society.
  6. Implement international recruitment strategic plan, including partnership with American Language Academy to continue increasing international student enrollment at Elon.
  7. Continue efforts at building a premier inclusive community environment and search for and hire the associate provost for inclusive community.

Supporting a world-class faculty and staff

  1. Implement Phase III of the faculty-staff salary enhancement plan.
  2. As called for in the Presidential Task Force on Scholarship Report (2007-2008), conduct a review of the progress and impact of the plan to date, and develop a Phase II plan responsive to the current context, attentive to goals established in the Elon Commitment, and reflective of the University's new peer and aspirant list.

Attaining the highest levels of achievement across our academic programs

  1. Develop a shared vision for excellence in Elon College, including developing strategies for recruiting the next dean.
  2. Finalize and begin the implementation of the new strategic plan for the Love School of Business with particular focus on responding to increased enrollments.
  3. Develop a strategic plan for the School of Education, including curricular programs and a plan for the recruitment of a new Dean.
  4. Continue development of the School of Law:
    • Refine strategic plan and establish an implementation plan
    • Develop and implement new Elon Law admissions messaging to better position the law school in a competitive environment and communicate changes in the school’s curriculum
  5. Prepare for successful reaccreditations and accreditation related monitoring:
    • Education: NCATE (Spring 2015)
    • Physical Therapy Education: Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (Fall 2015)
    • Physician Assistants: ARC-PA, provisional monitoring site visit (Fall 2014)
  6. Review early planning and progress on enhancing Elon's intellectual climate, and develop a coherent, comprehensive three to five year plan and budget to enhance the depth and breadth of intellectual life at Elon, establishing concrete but decentralized structures with strong student leadership.
  7. Make progress toward enhancing and deepening student integration of curricular and co-curricular experiences, enabling students to more fully articulate their own transformative educational narrative.
  8. Work to fully integrate enhancements in the Elon Core Curriculum, including the new facility, new associate director, new coordinator for the independent major, and strategic efforts to improve the capstone.
  9. Implement year two of the Writing Excellence Initiative:
    • Support academic departments, the Core Curriculum, Student Life, and other actors in planning enhancements of writing instruction
    • Continue to develop resources that support student writing
    • Develop process to assess Writing Excellence Initiative work in ways that complement Elon's existing assessment practices
  10. Re-envision the First-Year Committee as a way to provide a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to the first- year experience.
  11. Redefine and implement the selection, compensation, professional development, and roles of peer mentors, e.g. RA’s, Elon 101 TAs, OLs, Residential Learning Assistants, etc.
  12. Create Task Force on Community Responsibilities and Standards for Reporting, Preventing and Responding to Sexual Assault.
  13. Launch a new responsive-designed (mobile- and tablet-formatted) Elon.edu homepage, navigation pages, core Elon University message site, new admissions website, and numerous other school and department websites.
  14. Develop a plan to enhance second-language proficiency, including consideration of enhancements to current programs, strategic partnerships, and new initiatives.
  15. Enroll 1450 first-year students in fall and 40 in spring reflecting Elon values, especially academic ability, diversity, and a well-rounded high school experience that fits Elon’s style of engaged learning. The majority of these students will fall within a total SAT range of 1730 – 1950 with an average SAT of 1820. Enroll 115 new transfer students (75 students Fall 2014; 40 students Spring 2015)
  16. Enroll new students in each graduate program to meet the following goals:
    • PA: Enroll 36 students Januarys 2015 and 2016
    • DPT: Enroll 44 students Januarys 2015 and 2016
    • M.Ed.: Enroll 21 students Summer 2015
    • M.A. iMedia: Enroll 36 students Summers 2014 and 2015
    • MBA: Enroll 55 students in academic year 2014-2015
    • Law: Enroll 120 students in academic year 2014-2015

Launching strategic and innovative pathways in undergraduate and graduate education

  1. Plan a successful Fall 2015 implementation of the new MS in Management program, as well as offering MBA courses in the Raleigh area.

Stewarding Elon’s commitment to remain a best-value university

  1. Meet the following fundraising targets:
    • Raise $1.855 million in gifts toward Elon’s Greatest Needs.
    • Raise $2.5 million in designated annual gifts including:
      • $250,000 for Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences
      • $200,000 for the Love School of Business
      • $100,000 for the School of Communications
      • $50,000 for the School of Education
      • $25,000 for the School of Health Sciences
      • $400,000 for the Elon Academy
    • Achieve 1,200 Elon Society donors
    • Raise $440,000 in undesignated annual scholarship funds for Elon Law School and $200,000 for designated priorities
  2. Increase Phoenix Club membership to 2,125 members and successfully reach the goal of $1.2 million for scholarships in supporting the move to the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA).
  3. Complete the silent phase of School of Communication Facility Campaign by reaching $12 million in gifts and pledges and plan for the launch of the campaign’s public phase.
  4. Plan Elon’s next comprehensive campaign by partnering with a consulting firm to perform a donor capacity analysis, engage key constituents in pre-campaign discussions, hire campaign counsel and begin the development of a formal plan for the Campaign.

Developing innovative alumni programs to advance and support the Elon graduate

  1. Execute the fourth year of the Building a Vibrant Alumni Network plan, including expansion of regional alumni programming with a particular emphasis on Colonial Athletics Association markets; creation of lifelong learning and professional development opportunities; renewed partnerships with academic units; successful execution of a meaningful and memorable homecoming.
  2. Building on the success of #Elon Day, integrate social media efforts for Homecoming and Founders Day celebrations to engage alumni with the university.
  3. Establish a defined four-year student experience that prepares students for their successful roles as alumni; and accomplish 25% alumni participation.

Establishing a national tournament tradition of athletics success along with the highest academic standards for Phoenix athletics

  1. Promote and celebrate Elon's entry into the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA), including partnering with Alumni Engagement to create programming around athletics events in CAA markets to engage the alumni, parents, and students in those areas.

Significantly enhancing Elon’s campus with premier new academic and residential facilities and a commitment to protecting our environment

  1. Continue to implement the Residential Campus Initiative:
    • Expand Global Neighborhood programs into new buildings and open Global Commons with policies and programs to support the global theme
    • Develop a strategic plan for Danieley, Colonnades, and Historic Neighborhoods, with unifying intellectual themes and faculty directors. Explore feasibility and benefits of enrolling all first year students in residentially linked common classes
    • Fill position of Faculty Director for Academic Initiatives to provide focused academic leadership for the residential campus plan
    • Assess the effectiveness of enhanced first-year experiences in the Global, Colonnades, Danieley, and Historic neighborhoods
  2. Create a comprehensive facilities plan for residential campus beyond current projects:
    • Finalize plan and begin upgrades to Danieley Neighborhood, to include study and informal spaces, dining options, expanded or new commons, and recreational spaces
    • Plan for residential over retail housing on Haggard Avenue and new student housing for first and second year students
    • Finalize plan for the McFarland building on South Campus
    • Create outdoor recreational/gathering spaces for Loy and Global Neighborhoods
    • Continue long-range planning for improvement to the residential facilities and neighborhoods, including mechanical, aesthetic and programmatic space upgrades
  3. Successfully transition Office of Admissions and Financial Planning to the Inman Admissions Welcome Center.
  4. Conclude Phase I of conversion project for the Phoenix Card to migrate to Chip/Contactless technology.
  5. Begin planning for following projects:
    • Master plan of Historic Neighborhood and Danieley Center upgrade
    • Science and Engineering Expansion, develop short- and long-term proposal for addressing needs and supporting excellence
  6. Complete design for following projects:
    • School of Communications expansion
    • Long Renovation
    • Powell Building renovation after Admissions move to Inman Welcome Center
    • Moseley first floor renovation after Admissions move to Inman Welcome Center
    • Repurpose of South Campus Office Building after Admissions move to Inman Welcome Center
    • Danieley Neighborhood Recreation Building (to be completed Fall 2015)
    • Daniel Commons Renovation (to be completed Fall 2015)
    • Music Production and Recording Arts at Arts West (to be completed Fall 2015)
  7. Complete construction for following projects:
    • Scott Studios (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Alamance second floor renovation - Business, Finance and Technology suite (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Koury Business Center renovation (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Infill breezeways of Danieley J & K (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Alamance first floor renovation - Vice President for Student Life suite (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Belk Track renovation (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Mooney phase III renovation (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Moseley second floor phase I renovation (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Rhodes Stadium replay booth (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • QEP phase II renovations in Belk Library (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Soccer Press Box (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Global Neighborhood Commons building (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Global Neighborhood Houses A, B, and C (to be completed Summer 2014)
    • Belk Pavilion renovation (to be completed Winter 2014)
    • Print Shop relocation (to be completed Fall 2014)
    • Archives relocation (to be completed Fall 2014)
    • Inman Admissions Welcome Center (to be completed Spring 2015)
    • Complete project to enhance the six Historic Neighborhood residence halls
    • Complete Botanical Gardens upgrade project and advertise the Tree Trail Guide and Interactive Website to Elon University and outside community. (Website- http://www.elon.edu/shell/map/trees.html)
    • Enhancements to campus wayfinding and building identification signage
  8. Support progress toward Sustainability Master Plan and Climate Action Plan implementation:
    • Conduct FY 2014 GHG (Greenhouse Gas) inventory, including a commuter habit survey
    • Update metrics in Elon’s STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) SharePoint site and monitor Elon’s progress relative to the STARS criteria
    • Draft an updated campus-wide Sustainability Master Plan and obtain community feedback
    • Complete solar project at Loy Farm
  9. Introduce new campus dining master plan initiatives in facilities and programs for the Fall of 2014 and plan for additional ones for the Fall 2015:
    • Introduce Argo Tea in the new Global Commons in the Global Neighborhood (2014)
    • Offer chapter meals once per month to all Greek organizations (2014)
    • Designate areas for smaller group dining in all three dining halls (2014)
    • Introduce a Long Table for identifying a place available to reserve for intellectual discourse opportunities (2014)
    • Introduce an Aramark funded position to support the residential plan and the intellectual climate programming for the campus (2014)
    • Create family style dining for specified events and initiatives (2014)
    • Plan for a kosher deli in McEwen Dining hall (2015)
    • Plan for the introduction of Einstein Brothers Café in Daniel Commons (2015)
    • Plan for the renovation of the Acorn Coffee Shop (2015)