Alexander Bruch

Chemistry / Biochemistry
New Canaan, Conn.
Project title: Determining the Mechanism of Pattern Formation in Periodic Precipitation (Liesegang) Reactions
Mentor: Joel Karty

Spring 2014

This semester, Dr. Karty and I completed what we set out to do two years ago, take real-time UV-Vis spectra of band-free regions. While we did not see a blueshift in the colors absorbed as we expected, we have a significant change in the absorbance intensity between 400-500nm; this just happens to be where we expect to find nanoparticles!

Moreover, we see this absorbance sharply decreases just before bands form, indicating that we can detect nanoparticles moving out of the band free region. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time a Liesegang reaction has been studied using UV-Vis!


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