Application Form and Other Materials

The application for the 2024 Lumen Prize is now live.

Applications are due by 5 pm on Wednesday, March 20th.

All materials — your application and the letters of recommendation — must be submitted by the posted deadline for your proposal to be considered. All material is to be submitted electronically via the on-line portal. Keep a saved copy of your application for your own records.  Please note that the deadline for all materials is Wednesday, 5:00 pm, March 20, 2024.

Application Form

Interested and eligible students should download and review this form carefully. You are strongly encouraged to meet with the person you hope to serve as your mentor as early in the process as possible. Please note that the completed form will require both of your electronic signatures. The application includes an initialization page which requests basic information including your choice of mentor and recommender. It is recommended that you complete this page early in the process; you may return later to complete the body of the application.

Application Instructions

Mentor’s Letter of Recommendation

This form includes instructions for the mentor of the applicant for a Lumen Prize. Your efforts in addressing the requested information clearly and thoroughly are appreciated. For more information about your role as a mentor to a Lumen Scholar, please review the Information for Mentors document below.

Mentor Letter Instructions

Information for Mentors

This document provides detailed information for mentors including who is eligible to serve as a mentor, the compensation policy associated with mentoring a Lumen Scholar, and the program’s expectations concerning the responsibilities the mentor has toward his or her Scholar.

Information for Mentors

Letter of Recommendation

The letter of recommendation is the second of the two letters of support applicants arrange to have submitted. [The mentor’s letter of recommendation is the first.] Applicants are advised to select an individual who can best speak to their accomplishments and potential, but they are further advised that having recommendations with more than a single perspective can strengthen applications. That is, a recommendation coming from someone in a different department or program within the university than the mentor, or from outside of Elon, might be the best complement to the mentor’s letter of recommendation. Choosing one’s recommender wisely is part of preparing an outstanding application packet.

Recommender Instructions