Staff Advisory Council

Staff Representative for Winter Term Global Education Programs

The Global Engagement Program (GEP) provides Elon University staff employees with opportunities to expand their global perspectives while assisting faculty and students during winter term global engagement experiences.

Job Description Potential Responsibilities

Administration Assistance

  • Attend some or all of the Fall course that precedes the program abroad
  • Provide administrative assistance before/during/after travel
  • Follow up of deliverables with students (Passport Copy, Passport Information Form, Personal Information Form)
  • Hotel/flight check-in, etc.
  • Assist with budget/money management during the WT program
  • Depart with the class in January, but you may come back before the class is. completed

Health & Safety

  • Insurance & emergency management while on site
  • Insurance claim assistance for students upon return

Student Life

  • Group/bonding activities
  • Processing/reflection on site or return
  • Assistance with orientation/student preparation for departure

Criteria (Not required but helpful)

  • Flexibility
  • Previous work with groups of non-adults (boy scouts, church groups etc.)
  • Any background/experience in health or first-aid

Tentative Programs Available for January 2016

  • Australia and New Zealand Film
  • Barbados: Culture, Sport, Media
  • Business in the Pacific Rim
  • Hawaii: Nation or State
  • Holocaust Journey
  • Ireland: Lit., Culture, History
  • Peru Heritage

Application Process:

Only applications submitted to The Staff Advisory Council by June 15, 2015 will be accepted. Mail to: Karen Pore CB 2050 or deliver to any of your SAC representatives.

Click here to download the application.

Three names from each of the staff employment areas listed below will be selected, by the Staff Advisory Council, to optimize the opportunities:

  • Administrative (3)
    Any staff member who receives compensation through an annual letter of agreement or "contract.” (without faculty rank)
  • Office Support Personnel (3)
    Any staff member who receives compensation through an hourly "time sheet" and reports to an area other than the Physical Plant.
  • Physical Plant (3)
    Any staff member who receives compensation through an hourly "time sheet" and reports to the Physical Plant.

Nine applications, chosen by lottery, will be forwarded to The Isabella Cannon Global Education Center, where three finalists will be selected.

Successful candidates will be notified by The Isabella Cannon Global Education Center.

Priority will be given to those who have not participated in the GEP  program previously.|

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take vacation time to participate?
Once employee and supervisor agree to participation, the staff representative will not have to take vacation time for the approved period.

How will I pay for my meals, tips, and any other incidentals?
Like any accompanying faculty, staff members receive a per diem, in advance of travel. A per diem is an allowance for daily expenses that cannot be pre-paid. The Global Education Center determines the per diem amount based on the program location and duration of stay.

How much spending money should I plan to have?
Since all meals, travel and accommodations are covered, additional expenses might include activities pursued during program free time, snacks outside of meal times, and the purchase of souvenirs.

When will exact dates be set?
 Airline arrangements can fluctuate (flights are cancelled or schedules are significantly modified). For this reason, program dates are not solidified until October before program travel. Programs are roughly planned to mirror on-campus dates for winter term classes.

How will I enter this on my time sheet?
This is to be worked out between employer and supervisor, upon selection. Time reporting varies a lot depending upon one's position at Elon.

Will I be the only adult, besides the professor, on the program?
Most programs have two "co-leaders." The staff representative will typically be a third, non-student traveler on the program. Most programs also have local, on-site guides to help the program complete their itinerary/activities.

Will I need a special type of phone? How can I stay in contact with home?
No phone is needed. In some cases, a cell phone may be provided if it is deemed necessary to assist with managing of the program. Staff representatives can be approved for a temporary international plan, with the expenses reimbursed with the submission of receipts/phone provider statement. Phone arrangement options vary by program location.

Did I need to get any shots or other health-related items to prepare for travel? Who pays for that?
The Global Education Center runs a vaccination/immunization clinic for students, faculty and staff in November, prior to the winter program. Elon will cover the cost of any required vaccinations/ immunizations administered to staff representatives at the clinic.

Do I need to get special insurance?
The Global Education Center purchases and automatically enrolls all students, faculty and staff participants in a travel insurance policy through iNext, an outside insurance provider, prior to the winter program.