How You Help Elon Achieve its Strategic Goals

Staff employees are encouraged to engage in the activities and conversations related to achieving Elon’s strategic goals. And the work you do for Elon matters!

We will use this area to promote staff employees engaged in Elon’s campus community and showcase employees attending sporting and cultural events, forums, College Coffee, and more.

Elon University strategic plan

Opportunities For You

Two programs emerged as a result of the Staff Advisory Council Quality of Life initiative:

The Global Engagement Program

Elon University provides its employees with opportunities to expand their global perspectives while assisting faculty and students during winter term global engagement experiences.

All staff members are eligible to apply for this program. And successful participants collaborate with instructors and provide administrative support during global engagement programs over the three-week winter term.

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A sampling of previous programs includes; Australia, Ireland, Dominican Republic, and the Holocaust Journey.

GEP Application Form 2023

When asking about the global experience, program participants have said: 

“I saw a side of these students that made me proud. I’d give them an A+”  Anthony Totten

“I learned so much about myself, the students, the faculty, Elon, Australia, and New Zealand!  We experienced so much culture and it was fascinating to watch how each person reacted to what we experienced.  I learned to open up and be open to others.  The experience was amazing and I learned how much fun it is to interact with students.  Because of this experience, I made the decision to become a student group advisor when I returned and I’ve enjoyed doing that over the last few months.”  Julie White

Senior Staff believes in this program so much that they allow 3 staff members to participate. Here is what they have to say:

“Global engagement is an essential part of an Elon education. We are thrilled to support the Global Engagement Program, which provides opportunities for Elon staff to experience this high impact practice, expand their global understanding, and serve as informed mentors preparing students for our interdependent world.” President Connie Ledoux Book

The Employee Volunteer Program

Based on Recommendation 3 of the Quality of Life findings: “Highlight and further develop opportunities related to service to the broader community.”

Elon University recognizes the importance of being a good corporate citizen and the responsibility to help our surrounding communities. Staff is encouraged to become involved in the community by lending their voluntary support to programs that positively impact the quality of life within these communities.

This program allows Elon employees to offer their services to the community. Volunteer time must be used towards one of the following Elon’s community partners:

Kernodle Center for Civic Life Community Partners

Project Pericles – Service Sabbatical Opportunity

As part of Project Pericles at Elon, Service Sabbaticals make it possible for all University employees with two or more years of service to be relieved of their duties to the University for one month or less, in order to work full time for a community organization. Recipients will continue to receive their university paychecks during their sabbaticals. Project Pericles will cover the expense of replacing you while you are gone from your job. That may mean hiring a temporary replacement or just having other team members cover for you while you are gone. Project Pericles supports projects and organizations whose goals and principles are consistent with the Elon University Mission Statement.

It is important to note that all members of the University community with two or more years of service to Elon, not just teaching faculty members, are eligible for these sabbaticals. Any full-time University employee who has a record of service to a community organization — and who has an idea of how his or her full-time service for one month will benefit that organization in a significant way — is welcome to apply.

How to apply:

  1. Step One: Contact Mathew Gendle ( and your supervisor with your idea.
  2. Step Two: Contact the leader at the organization with which you want to volunteer.
  3. Step Three: Complete the following application.
    1. A description from you of how you will use your time.
    2. A note from your supervisor saying how your position will be covered while you are away from your duties at Elon.
    3. The letter or email from the leader of the organization that you will work with during the sabbatical saying how your time will be used.
  4. Step Four: In consultation with the Provost’s Office, the Director and Associate Director of Project Pericles will review your application and get back to you within two weeks with a decision.
  5. Step Five: Following the completion of your service experience, please contact University Communications and request an E-net story regarding your service sabbatical. For the article, please request from your service sabbatical supervisor a letter or email describing the work done and impact on the organization. It is expected that this will be done within one month following the completion of the service sabbatical. The letter/email requested from your service sabbatical supervisor should also be forwarded, along with a brief (1 page) summary of your sabbatical activities, to the director of Project Pericles (Dr. Mathew Gendle, Please contact the director of Project Pericles (Dr. Mathew Gendle) if you or the service supervisor have questions or need assistance.

Applications are taken on a rolling basis throughout the year, but those made after September 1 may not be eligible for funding until the next fiscal year beginning June 1.

Contact Mathew Gendle, Director of Project Pericles, at 336-278-6431 or via email at if you have any questions. The application process is fast, simple, and you can have your idea become a reality in a very short time.

A sampling of campus-wide possibilities for you!

Besides the programs listed above, the following opportunities are also available to staff members. Please reach out to each department for a list of options.