This website is for Elon’s previous strategic plan, the Elon Commitment. For Elon’s most recent strategic plan, Boldly Elon, please visit the new strategic plan website.

The Elon Commitment:
Engaged minds. Inspired leaders. Global citizens.

Elon is a university poised to achieve national prominence. During the past decade, Elon University defined one of the great success stories in American higher education, rising quickly in stature through wise strategic planning and a student- and learning-centered culture characterized by challenging and innovative academic programs. Guided by the NewCentury@Elon strategic plan, the university substantially achieved its goal of being a national model of engaged learning, earning top national accreditations for academic programs and accolades such as “number one school to watch” and “hottest college,” national rankings in study abroad, service learning, best value, sustainability and a host of other categories.

Through this strategic plan, our community will affirm our place among colleges and universities known for academic excellence and exceptional student achievement. The greatest asset in carrying out this plan is our shared sense of mission: that we are an academic community committed to student transformation; that we value freedom of thought and liberty of conscience; that we are a liberal arts university with distinctive professional schools and graduate programs; that we believe in active student engagement; that we are dedicated both to teaching and scholarly accomplishment; and that we believe passionately in the preparation of global citizens, civic engagement, and preparing our students for meaningful lives of work and service. From this shared mission our community has titled our plan for this decade The Elon Commitment.

Our vision for The Elon Commitment is simple and powerful: to engage students’ minds and inspire them to act as leaders and global citizens. Key to our success will be a continued focus on increasing the level of academic challenge at the university, with a strong emphasis on liberal arts and sciences at the foundation of an Elon education. We will also continue to value and nurture Elon’s strong sense of community, a link to our historic roots and a source of strength for our future.

The Elon Commitment Strategic Plan is organized around eight themes:


A decade ago the Elon community imagined a different place for students and then built it – a new and innovative approach to higher education. In building this university, we came to deeply understand who we are, an asset claimed by few universities. That strong and deep understanding of our mission is a compass, guiding us to set our sights on the work ahead. That compass remains steadfast in what is clearly a critical time in history. Today we consider Elon University’s future and understand more fully the interconnections of our global community. By building on Elon’s strong community and spirit of innovation, we commit to engage minds and inspire leaders for the global good. More than ever before, we understand that the world needs Elon graduates.