Part of Elon’s Core Values

Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Engagement at Elon are about striving for academic excellence as well as learning to be a responsible member of pluralistic and intersecting communities. We provide students with an education and experiences that work to prepare them for an increasingly interlinked world. At Elon we aim to embody:

Diversity as the wide range of differences that exist among and across people related to their identity, experiences, thoughts, and perspectives. We believe that this range of differences is an essential component of the educational experience, a key aspect of academic excellence, and a crucial part of an inclusive community.

Inclusion as supporting and encouraging proactive behaviors that create a community in which each member is welcomed and supported. We seek a caring environment wherein diversity is valued, and appreciation for diversity is integrated into every aspect of campus. Navigating, incorporating, and caring for differences among and between our community members fosters a more dynamic, resilient, and creative community with the ability to thrive in increasingly complex communities. Inclusion involves promoting equity through intentional and deep engagement of our differences.

Global Engagement as creating an enriching learning environment that fosters greater cultural awareness, knowledge, and humility with the recognition that we live in a global context that is increasingly connected and interdependent. At Elon, we aim to prepare our community members with the skills and mindset to embrace diversity and aim for more inclusive communities nationally and internationally.

For more information about how Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Engagement constitute part of our values and how we work as an institution to fulfill them, see our Strategic Plan and President Dr. Connie Ledoux Book’s statement. As an Elon faculty or staff member, if you would like to get involved in diversity education please contact Leigh-Anne Royster about leading or attending our educational programs. If you are a student interested in diversity education programs please contact Tyrone Jean.