Residential Learning Communities

Elon’s 25 living-learning communities encourage people with shared interests and goals to live together, and many have themes related to diversity, inclusion and global engagement. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Elon’s living-learning communities among the best in the nation.

Examples include:

  • African Diaspora LLC: Exploring Blackness across the Globe
  • Examining Disparities in Access to Education
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Interfaith House: Mindfully Plural
  • International
  • Leaders in a Global World
  • Paideia: Politics and Active Citizenship
  • Polyglot Floor (World Languages)

Student Committees

  • The Athletics Diversity Committee collects information about the student-athlete experience and fosters dialogue that promotes an inclusive environment for all student-athletes. The committee also identifies opportunities for furthering intercultural competencies for both students and staff.
  • The President’s Student Leadership Advisory Council (PSLAC) represents a wide range of student involvement and experiences on campus. PSLAC forges positive working relationships between Elon’s student leaders and senior campus leadership and plays a role in shaping the student campus culture. PSLAC also works to improve the student experience, enhance student well-being and advance the university’s mission.
  • The Student Government Association’s Student Inclusive Campus Committee promotes an inclusive campus for students to express their authentic selves. The committee regularly meets with student organizations that promote an inclusive community; helps to plan events, speakers, informational tables and other initiatives that support inclusivity on Elon’s campus; and writes legislation with the goal of making SGA and Elon more inclusive.

Student Organizations

Among Elon’s more than 250 student organizations are a variety of groups dedicated to fostering community around identity groups and diversity, equity and inclusion issues. Examples include:


  • The Black Solidarity Conference aims to unite Black-identifying students, faculty and staff by providing an avenue through which Black identity, Black intersectionality and building solidarity are explored. The event also offers an allyship and anti-racism track designed specifically for non-Black identified participants.
  • Hosted by the Center for Leadership, the CREDE and the GLC, Intersect: Diversity & Leadership Conference provides a look at the disciplines of diversity, leadership and the cross-sections of the two. The conference pillars work to inspire participants to create positive change for the common good in their organizations and communities.
  • The Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life hosts the Ripple Conference, a gathering of students from different institutions to learn, engage, reflect and share about traditions including religious, spiritual and secular worldviews, and engage in social justice and interfaith dialogue.