This website is for Elon’s previous strategic plan, the Elon Commitment. For Elon’s most recent strategic plan, Boldly Elon, please visit the new strategic plan website.

Developing innovative alumni programs to advance and support the Elon graduate

Key objectives

  • Identify and support the next generation of alumni leadership
  • Create a premier Career Center
  • Build a strong transitions program to careers and graduate school
  • Launch new alumni service, travel and engagement programs
  • Foster a culture of philanthropy and double the alumni giving participation

The composition of Elon’s nearly 31,500 Elon alumni body is unusually young, with a staggering 54 percent in their 20s and 30s. Understanding the ways in which the university’s future will be shaped by alumni accomplishments, The Elon Commitment seeks to support alumni by launching initiatives to celebrate their achievements. For example, Elon may invite successful alumni to return to campus as professors of practice, or the university may fund alumni sabbaticals or projects to support the good work of Elon graduates in their communities and around the world.

In a generation, this large group of alumni will also be ready to assume the mantle of leadership on the boards and councils of the university, including the Board of Trustees. The establishment of the Young Alumni Council was a positive step in giving a voice to this large segment of alumni.

The university is committed to developing relevant young alumni programs and appropriate communications strategies to keep our graduates connected with their alma mater. For example, new alumni international travel and service experiences will allow alumni to continue to pursue the passions they developed during their time on campus. Developing a new generation of active and committed alumni, and maintaining Elon as a partner in their efforts to impact the affairs of the world, is one of the most important strategic tasks facing the university.

Elon will enhance career services programs to advance alumni as they pursue graduate education, professional employment and work in nonprofit organizations. Elon will engage alumni to assist current students and fellow alumni in job and internship searches.

Critically important will be an increased emphasis on alumni giving, doubling the participation level from the current 21 percent to 40 percent, and demonstrating an enhanced culture of philanthropy and tradition of supporting Elon.