This website is for Elon’s previous strategic plan, the Elon Commitment. For Elon’s most recent strategic plan, Boldly Elon, please visit the new strategic plan website.

Planning Process

The Campus Master Plan team engaged a variety of stakeholders to build a consensus regarding the future of Elon’s campus, set goals for campus development, and synthesize these into a final Master Plan. Guiding the process, a Steering Team met regularly to review progress and provide recommendations about the development of the Master Plan. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the University, the team met with student groups, the University’s Board of Trustees, and thematic focus groups such as student life, nance and administration, academic departments, facilities operations, admissions and outreach, and campus sustainability.

Planning Context

Elon University’s planning for physical growth benefits from a strong legacy of transformational strategic planning. The beauty of its campus lies in its elegant quadrangles, stately architecture, and the generations of students they have sustained through Elon’s commitment to a student-centered campus experience.

Campus Strategies

Six core strategies define the Campus Master Plan conceptual framework. These strategies build on the campus’ history, advance the guiding principles and provide a coherent structure for future landscape, building, and infrastructure projects.

  1. Preserve Ecological Assets
  2. Expand Mix-Use Campus Core
  3. Clarify Road Network
  4. Extend Network of Open Space
  5. Strengthen and Connect Edge Neighborhoods
  6. Support a Vibrant Downtown Elon

Implementation Plan

The master plan consists of four sets of projects:

  1. Near-Term Priorities: Projects that the University should aim to complete within the next 5 to 8 years to meet existing needs.
  2. Elon Elementary Site: A unique opportunity to transform Elon by building immediately adjacent to Elon’s Campus Core.
  3. Medium-term Projects: Projects which the University can complete within the next 8 to 15 years for measured growth.
  4. Long-term Projects: Opportunities for long-range growth through targeted redevelopment in the campus core and new facilities in perimeter precincts.

Campus Neighborhood Plans

Elon’s campus is composed of unique and interconnected neighborhoods. The master plan characterizes defining elements of each neighborhood, identifies key issues, and outlines key projects for future development.

Download the Campus Master Plan

January 2016 Update

December 2011 Update