Tips to Reducing Elon's Environmental Impact

1. Reduce Paper Use
Minimize print quantities of web pages or draft reports. Reuse envelopes, paper bags, and scrap paper. Make double-sided copies and use electronic communications when possible.

2. Turn Off Lights When Not In Use
Buy fluorescent desk lamps and replacement bulbs instead of incandescent or halogen ones.

3. Turn Off Monitor When Not In Use
Turn off computer when not in use. Buy energy efficient equipment with the Energy Star label (see

4. Bike, Walk, Carpool, Or Take The Bus

5. Conserve Water
When washing your hands, use only enough water to wet your hands and rinse off the soap. Turn off the faucet in between these times. Every drop counts!

6. Regulate Your Own Temperature
Dress appropriately for the season. Wear sweaters during winter instead of turning up thermostats. Use energy wisely!

7. Avoid Disposable Products
Use a refillable mug, reuse shopping bags (or buy a canvas one), select products made of recyclable materials.

8. Recycle Used Materials
Paper, cardboard, and beverage containers can be recycled in designated recycling bins around campus.

9. Recycling